Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Setting the 'Mood' for Writing

Currently Reading:  Still on Compromised and I have a quesyiton:  Don't you 'deactivate' a bomb, rather than 'inactivate'?  I'll admit, after I read the prologue, I wasn't that interested, but then I read the back cover again and decided to keep going.  I'm already up to Ch 6 and it's still holding my interest!

Today's Question:
Do you have any rituals involving your writing?  Before/during/after?

When I sit down to write, I make sure there is a fresh glass if iced tea nearby or on the stove (this ensures I'll get up and move around, lol!), put on either the radio or CD, or I might even just activate my Favorites playlist on YouTube.  Sometimes I'll eat a snack, such as cookies, or pop a square of Hershey Bliss in my mouth before opening the document.  When I'm word-warring with friends, I'll check in to Twitter, to let them know I'm joining in. I might even set the timer for 45 minutes (another way to ensure I'll have to stand up and move!).

If I've had what I call a very productive day (several hours of writing and pages to prove it), I'll reward myself with a glass of wine.  And if this particular day happens to fall on my regular karaoke night?  You bet I'll be inflicting my voice on the unsuspecting patrons that night, ha ha!

I lost my temper last night.

Yeah, I know; I'm human.

But after taking my frustrations out on the bathroom door, I decided I needed to walk it off.  And ended up crying on the church steps for about ten or so minutes.  Thankfully, I'd borrowed a wad of toilet paper from a guy who was opening the school, since I couldn't get into the church.  I then walked down to 4th, crossed the street, and headed back.

I later apologized for losing my temper, but it wasn't reciprocated.  No remorse for the way I'd been treated, to push me to that limit. 

And even my daughter turned on me for it.  When the hell did I turn into a 2nd class citizen in my own home?


Unknown said...

Love ice tea! Yum cookies while writing I like oreos. LOL

Sorry to hear you didn't have a good day. I do hope things get better for you.

Molly Daniels said...

I also love Oreos, esp double stuff:)

Thanks; I think being on a diet for the 1st time in my life is making me cranky.

Carol Preflatish said...

Sometimes, it's safer to blow a bomb up than try to deactivate it. Trust me, I talked to a bomb expert before I wrote that scene. :-)