Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Reading Schedule and August Wrap-Up

Currently Reading:  Did a lot of reading over the weekend!  Finished Travis Grundon's Mr. Bad Example, and laughed over the male perspective several times.  Good thing I know him; it's a bit crude in places.  But hey....that's his genre.  Also read Quixotic and loved several of the stories!  As for the e-books, I'm now a fan of Margaret Taylor.  Loved her book A First Love Never Dies and can hardly wait for the sequel to be pubbed!  Go immediately over to Amazon and get this wonderful book for only .99!  I promise you won't be disappointed.  You guessed it; a Definite Recommended Read:)  Another Recommended Read?  Nicole Morgan's Sweet Redemption.  I waited too long to read this (head slap), but it was worth the wait:)

At first I was going to complain August dragged, but now I'm wondering where it went!  It doesn't seem possible one month ago I was in Colorado with the family!  My 7th book arrived on the 13th, and so far every time I post an excerpt, readers seem to like it, so yay!  School began; I like the youngling's teacher and I try to stop what I'm doing at 3pm and work with him on his spelling and vocab words.  He's also reading soooo much better than he was this time last year.

Books Read:  14.
            E-books:  10
                   Print:  4

Karaoke Update:
Sang 9 new songs last month, getting through the 'Don'ts' and 'Dreams'.  I've only kept three or four.  I should make it into the 'E' titles the month:)

Walking Progress:
Our resolve to walk 14 blocks a day lasted three days.  The hubby's heart went into A-Fibb, and the heat shot up into the 90s.  Our heat wave finally broke today (or it's supposed to, anyway!), so maybe we'll resume?

Health Update:
Came home from Colorado with a sore neck, and my dr agreed maybe a 2nd opinion would be best.  She seemed a bit snippy when I told her I'd already contacted Dr. S, rather than going with her colleague.  Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather trust a doctor I've known for 21 years.  There have been some horror stories about the medical profession in this town; I want to go back to Indianapolis.

Writing Update:
I worked steadily on my new WIP for a week and finished the 1st chapter:)  We've decided to deep-clean the house, so I'll probably get back to it later this month.

September Reading Schedule:
Print:  The Lost Slab-Rick Kelsheimer Loved this!  Didn't want to put it down!  RR
           The Benefactor-Floyd Root Loved it the 2nd time around:)
           Saved By the Sheriff-Carol Preflatish Very enjoyable!  RR
           Compromised-Carol P Good story!
Sweet Redemption-Nicole Morgan  Loved this!  Kept me scrolling:)  RR
A First Love Never Dies-Margaret Taylor Excellent story and now want book #2!!!  DRR
Legacy of Lies-Cindy Christianson Good mystery and colorful cast of characters
The Color of Grace-Linda Kage Excellent YA story!
How To Resist Prince Charming-Linda Kage  Loved this!  Very good forbidden romance; her dad's boss!
Reality Check-Eric Garrison Very interesting!
Roping Love-Tamara Hoffa Loved loved LOVE this!  DRR
Memories of Love-Jean Joachim Loved loved LOVED this!!!  DRR
It's In His Kiss-Johanna Melaragno Cute short story!
He Loves Lucy-Ann Yost DNF
Love Potion Me, Baby-Amie Louellen Very enjoyable!!  DRR
The Storm Within-Darlene Deluca Wonderful story!  RR if you're into Women's Fiction
Marriage By Mistake-Alyssa Kress Loved this!! RR
Summertime-Christina Cole Loved, loved, LOVED this!  DRR
Caleo-James Crawford DNF
Playing with Fire-Ashley Piscitelli Great beginning, then dragged on.  Okay.
Bent Boot Road-Lynn Rae Interesting story.
Movie Lovers-Jean Joachim Another good one:)  RR
Under The Moonlight Moon-JJ Nice sweet romance story:)
The Boss-Abigail Barnette OMG!  LOVED it!!  DRR
Love's Last Chance-JJ My new official favorite!  Can hardly wait for #6!  DRR
Danger on XY-One-Vicky Burkholder Loved, loved, LOVED this!  DRR

And since it's Labor Day, here's the perfect song.  Enjoy!


Melissa Keir said...

I loved Margaret's book as well! She's promised more in that series including one coming soon. :)

Unknown said...

Awww, thank you both so much! And yes, I'm putting the finishing touches on Book 2 today so it'll be out very, very soon...

I'm glad you both liked it! Book 2 should be, hopefully, just as good...:D