Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

Currently Reading:  Loved, loved, LOVED Jean Joachim's Memories of Love!!!  Definite Recommended Read!  Tried to read He Loves Lucy by Ann Yost, but it just wasn't holding my attention.  So I moved on to Love Potion Me, Baby by Amie Louellen and really enjoyed this!  Definite Recommended Read:)  While I was waiting for my Kindle to recharge so I could start diving into The Storm Within by Darlene DeLuca, I read more of Rick Kelsheimer's The Lost Slab.  Boy is this getting good!

Karaoke went well, even though it obviously was NOT my best night.
-Dream Weaver (Gary Wright):  Mark didn't have my planned warm-up song, so I started out a little gravely.  Still, when I was finished, everyone applauded and Stu saluted me with his beer.  "That was awesome, girl!"

-Drift Away (Dobie Gray):  I thought I did well, even sang the descant I love so much, which is missing from the Uncle Kraker version.  But only Kelly applauded me.

-Dust In The Wind (Kansas):  There was polite applause.

-Dream On (Aerosmith):  I wanted to see how I sounded, solo, on this, and while the verses were a little low, the bar exploded with cheers when I finished!  So did end on a high note (pun intended; I rocked that falsetto from Steven Tyler, lol!)

Today, we finally got rid of a bunch of 'stuff' that's been slated for the donation pile in the past 2-3 years.  Every time I've mentioned taking it over, I've gotten 'Later.  We'll do it later."  I guess 'Later' was finally today!  Happy Dance!!!!

Nothing much is going on; it feels nice, not being under a deadline, other than my personal one.  Hopefully I'll be more 'chatty' tomorrow.

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