Thursday, September 12, 2013

"I Don't Get No Respect"

Currently Reading:  Really enjoyed Saved By The Sheriff and its cast of small town characters!!!!  Recommended Read:)  Now for Compromised.  E-book-wise, I'm still on The Storm Within.  Haven't had access to my own kindle since the weekend.

What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?  And how have you overcome it?

You might recognize Rodney Dangerfield's famous catch-phrase.  But sadly, it applies to me, in terms of my writing career and family.

The spouse thinks it's wonderful, that I can put pen to paper and create a flowing story, or even string words together to make an intelligent sentence.  And he's proud of the fact I've accomplished my goal, and my work is published.

So what does this have to do with the hardest part of the writing process?  

I have trouble prioritizing.

I can tune out everything when I'm writing; conversation, the fact the house is a mess, or even the fact it's time to fix dinner.

And since the advent of the spouse retiring, he's home with me now 24/7 and it gets on his nerves.  The fact I can sit across the table from him and blog; chat; scroll through FB....and not hear a word he's saying.  Sometimes I can sort of listen, but if I ask him to clarify something, it gets met with 'You haven't heard a damn thing,  Forget it; I don't know why I even try to talk to you when you've got your face buried in that damn laptop.'

On promo days, he gets irritated when I can't seem to get off the computer and threatens to cut off the wifi.  When we were in Colorado and I had to check in every morning for Kenzie's review tour, he would often ask 'Are you about done?  Or should we just leave you here while the rest of us have fun?  Hurry up!'

I got up two hours earlier than everyone else, just so I could get on the computer.  I did not scroll through FB; I posted my links to the group pages where it was allowed; I checked my email and posted to my Yahoo loops.  I tweeted.  I'd already pre-posted my blogs, so that didn't have to be done.  And I did NO writing, except for when I took a notebook to the Alluvial Fan and sat on a rock to write.

Any other promotional stuff is met with sighs.  "When are you going to make those tens of thousands of dollars?" Or, "Did you sell anything today?"  ("I'll find out in 3 months.")  'Ohhh boy.....we're really rolling in it." (insert sarcasm)

Something else frequently heard around here:  "Quit playing on the internet and let's clean up around here."

Ummm....I'm not playing.  I don't play any games; I'm either wasting time on FB (and yes, I admit I DO spend too much time over there, lol!); I'm interacting/networking with other authors and readers; or I'm actually writing.  I have had people tell me they enjoy watching my word counts on FB and twitter!  And since we no longer get the CW network, I watch Breaking Pointe once a week on it.

This month of September, I've been deep-cleaning the house, running people to various appointments, and trying to get my health back under control.  Hopefully we'll come to some sort of routine which everyone can follow and I just might finish another wip.

Wish me luck!

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Unknown said...

Trying to balance everything is one of the harder parts. I wish you luck.