Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not Getting This.....

Currently Reading:  Finished Bent Boot Road the other day, and good story!  Plus finished Jean Joachim's Movie Lovers, and while I enjoyed it, I liked books #1-3 slightly better.  I'll get to her 5th installment sometime next week.  But still, Recommended Read:)  Also enjoyed Under the Moonlight Moon and am now on Abigail Barnette's The Boss.

I love the show Breaking Pointe.  I started watching it last year, and the angst between Allison and Rex nearly drove me crazy!  So I was thrilled when Allison revealed she'd gone back to her ex, Jonathan.  But this season, the couple who's driving me nuts are Chris and Christiana.

They've been married for 10 years, and he's the director of the Ballet West 2, the supplimental/apprentice group.  He's also a Principle dancer, meaning he usually dances lead roles.  She is a Prima Ballerina, also Principle.

Yes, I get that ballet dancers who work together have to agree to leave their relationship at the door.  But these two are married, and they never seem to talk!  Even when they're not at work, she was with the girls while he was with the guys.  What about what went on behind closed doors?  Couldn't they find a way to work through whatever issues they had then?  All I heard week after week was 'I can't talk to him right now...' or 'I know she needs her space at the moment.'  Grrrr.....I wanted to lock the two of them in a room and work it out!

But I just watched last week's finale.....and they divorced.  And still working at Ballet West.  So maybe there is hope for reconciliation???

I can't stand Silver or Zach's voicees.

I love Josh and Beckanne, and am thrilled Allison saw the light and gave Jonathan the heave-ho.  She was promoted, and he didn't even come to see her dance in Cinderella.  What an asshat.  I applaud Adam for saying no one should ever ask you to give up something you love for them.

Today's Question:
Do you do anything special when you’re writing a sex scene?

I put on my sexiest outfit, light the candles, pour myself a glass of champagne, get out the truffles-oh wait...the question was writing the sex scene.  Ummmm, no.  Sometimes if I'm absolutely not in the mood to write a sex scene, but I'm on deadline, then I pull up a book by one of my favorite authors and read their sex scenes, or I might even reread Kenzie's Teacher's Pet for inspiration.  If that doesn't help, then I just plow through it and hope for the best.  

I'm still in this weird phase of 'yada yada-ing' the sex scenes.  Maybe I've read so much erotic romance the past few years I'm burned out on it?

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