Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

Currently Reading:  Loved, loved, LOVED The Boss by Abigail Barnette!!  Definite Recommended Read!!!  Was disappointed in the ending, and wasn't sure if my file was defective or if my Kindle had locked up, but fired off a question to the wonderful Ms Bronwyn Green, who was mentioned in the acknowledgments, and she told me the story continues in The Girlfriend.  So went immediately over to amazon and put it on my wish list.  Remember I stated I was yada-yada-ing the sex scenes?  I've come to the conclusion it's the writing.  I read The Boss in literally two days, and did not skip a single scene.  This book could have almost literally been ripped from my diary (without the D/s stuff).  Dialogue was witty, playful, and very realistic.

Karaoke Update:
Don't Pay The Ferryman (Good, and I had Kelly video it:)
The Earth, The Sun, The Rain (okay; I'll probably never sing it again though.)
8 Days A Week (another good one, but probably won't ever do it again)
All Or Nothing (nailed it, and Mel video'd it!  Was just feeling down, so wanted to sing it).

Today's Question:
Do you have kids?  If so, how do they effect your writing?

If you're a long-term reader of this blog, you know I have three kids, ranging in age from 21-9.  And an adorable granddaughter who's 15 months.  Plus several 'adoptees' over the years.  And for years, what I wrote wasn't an issue, because the kids were too young to understand/read, or I wrote while they were otherwise occupied at school or at activities.

When I began to write more adult stories, my daughter was twelve.  She would tease me if she happened to walk by as I was typing and say 'Ooooohhhh, Mom wrote a bad word!'  When I received my 1st contract, her response was 'Cool; Mom's 'porn' is going to be published.'

My oldest watched my type once and took me to task for my sentence structure.  "Mom, my English teacher says a paragraph has to be made up of no less than five sentences.  That last one only had two!"

"Yes; you take English in school to learn the rules, and then you get to break them."

"That's jacked up and not fair."

My youngest just wants Mommy to get off the computer so he can watch a movie.

Wishing my bff a very happy 24th wedding anniversary!!! Wow; where did the years go?  ROFL!

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