Monday, March 3, 2008

And the Winner is...

Congratulations to....


She correctly answered all seven questions:)

I've decided to award a consolation prize, being the nice person that I am....



The answers....

First clue: How many books do I have, either in progress or published? (Looking for a total)
16 books mentioned.

Which two EC authors signed my guest book on August 1, 2007?
Anny Cook and Amarinda Jones

What movie did I write my own ending to at the tender age of 15?
Star Wars

What E-book did I finish on January 11, 2008?
On Your Knees, by Brynn Paulin

Clue #5: Who is my favorite musician? (Hint: Check MySpace)

Clue #6...How many books in my Arbor University series are completely written?
8. Yes, two are pubbed and a third's in the submission stage...but five more have 'The End' written: #4, Love the Second Time Around; #5, Endless Love; #6, Searching for Love;#7, Love is Weightless; and #14, Reunion. I'm working on chapter 4 of Love is Color Blind; Love is Ageless is only 80% complete. Sorry for the confusion!

Last clue...What are my 3 favorite Reality shows?
Surviver, Big Brother, and Celebrity Apprentice

BONUS: How many books, both electronic and print, have I read since January 1, 2008? (Not counting Claire's and Nicholas and Alexandra...still reading:)
I accepted 2 totals; 34 and 43. One of the books was an old Literature book, but since I listed the titles I was reading in that book, the TITLE count was 43.

Thanks to all who entered; I'll do a random draw when the blog hits the 200th post! I won Sommer's right before Christmas, not knowing about the contest.

Thanks to my techno-savvy kids, who showed me how to post pictures in this blog of mine! I'll post my photo Meme tomorrow...if photo bucket doesn't cause my computer to lock up, as it did last night...

Finished a hilarious 'Blooper' book last night, full of Johnny Carson and various game show quotes!

Today, winter is setting back in. Temps will be falling from 60 back into the 30's...Barb? You want winter dear? Come on over! Or go to Michigan if you really want the snow...Dakota, Brynn, or Bron will gladly welcome you in...or be willing to switch places! Hey, there's a reality TV show...Author Swap? Hahahahah....okay; too much like Wife Swap. Can you tell I'm not quite awake yet? Just finished cup of coffee #2...time to go get dressed and get my little guy to school. Have to go buy his cupcakes for his birthday celebration; Scrapbooking at 10 (I'm finally filling out that application and turning it in!); lunch and cake with his class; we've promised him we'd take him to Burger King after school, since we overruled him on Saturday and ate dinner at Ponderosa! Time to let him burn off some energy in the playscape...and then we're off to the grocery store for Kleenex and other paper products. This wacky weather has everyone's sinuses going crazy.

And yesterday, hubby shooed a BEE out of the house! Bees in March...the 2nd day of March, mind you...How insane is that?

Okay...shutting up now and getting ready.


Bronwyn Green said...

A bee?!?!?

It's all rainy and springy here today but it's supposed to snow some more tonight. Just shoot me.

Phoenix said...

No bees here yet. I hate bees. Tried to swat one when I was a kid and caught it in my little fist instead. NOT a brilliant move. Have the sting scar on the palm of my hand to prove it. Hate bees.

Molly Daniels said...

I'm with you, Kell. I stepped on a bee when I was nine, so I always wear shoes of some sort when I'm outside!

As much as I love honey, I'll never be a beekeeper...(shudder!)

Unknown said...

How can you hate a bee? I could understand if you were allergic but it's a bee...a small thing with wings...

Glad the contest went well

barbara huffert said...

When I bought my house the prior owners failed to mention that honey bees swarmed here every summer. I moved in at the end of May. In the beginning of June I had a whole hive buzzing around upstairs...INSIDE. Of course I had the door off because I was working on it. Put it up, sprayed a whole can of oven cleaner and then taped all the edges. I thought the exterminators were going to die the next day when they finally managed to open to door.

When I was young I stepped in a yellow jacket nest. When I was old I reached into a hornets nest. Is it any wonder I love winter when all those stingy things are dormant?

Hmm, with all of you there I can probably hang out until Spring. Can I bring Mouse?

Anny Cook said...

We have all manner of odd flying things here. The back door is open tonight and still 74 in the apartment. Supposed to be close to seventy tomorrow.

Molly Daniels said...

We're supposed to get snow. Anny, I'm coming to your house tomorrow...

Barb, you and Mouse can come here. Lucky's very good with cats:)

Brynn Paulin said...

I would definitely go somewhere warm today!!! Someone wanna trade. It's very very very sunny here today. Ow it BURNS!!!!