Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Interviews Past and Present

Currently Reading: The Bridesmaids, by Judith Balaban Quine and I came across an old book I loved, The Children's Guide to Knowledge. I 'self-taught' myself a little bit of Spanish, French, and learned to say 'hello' in several different languages. This book has a little bit of everything...plants, animals, insects, world cities, ancient wonders, science, and space exploration.

E-books: I cannot say enough good things about Honeysuckle! I loved it:) If you've not read it, go buy it! Now I can hardly wait for Daffodil! Today I hope to read AJ's Thief of Mine.

I've changed a lot since my first job interview. Don't roll your eyes and say 'duh!'...I simply mean my approach to the interview process is a lot more relaxed.

Twenty years ago, I did everything I could to make myself presentable for whatever job I thought I wanted...I'd build up whatever skills I thought were necessary, and be willing to try almost anything.

But two years ago, I walked into an interview knowing I didn't want the job, just a practice interview. And told the guy so when he asked, "So why do you want this position?"

"Actually, I don't. You want someone to go out on sales calls; I'd rather work in the front office."

Today, I was very up front: "I'm not a teacher, I'm a tutor. I'm great one-on-one and with a small group, but toss me in a class with fifteen or more by myself and I'm likely to go screaming down the hall..."

And right now, my hours are limited. Since my kids are in school, and the baby only goes until noon, I can only work until it is time to pick him up. BUT....during the summer, I'll be able to do more, since the older ones can watch their little brother!

So we'll see what happens. And ran into my friend Robin, who informed me she went in to talk to the woman who interviewed me and sang my praises! Thanks, I really want to do this?

Yes, put it on your blog several months ago and now I'm holding you accountable!

Oh sh..., that's right! Note to self: Do. Not. Put. Anything. in. Writing. That. May. Be. Used. Against. Me. in. The. Future...

Switching gears, how many checked out Kelly's book, or even bought it yet? I'll will be a couple of weeks before I buy list is long, and there are other authors ahead of her. And besides, I don't usually like to buy the books the day of the release...I like to give them a little hard-earned money a couple of months later, when most of the buzz has died down. Why? Don't really know...I just got a late start on these fantastic authors and now I'm playing catch-up. And it would be nice if some of them would stop cranking them out faster than my budget allows...

Kelly's New Book

Maybe when you read this you'll
Automatically want to purchase Kelly's
Regency romance?
It is full of
Adventure, romance, intrigue, and
Gentle sexual scenes (I think!), but still

Myself, I'm looking forward to reading it
And seeing the characters evolve.
Remember, go to
To purchase Kelly's true 'baby', even though it was published second.

(If you'll look to the left, Marriage Mart is spelled down the side! No, I've not lost my mind...)


Unknown said...

Interesting job interview you actually want a job? I know dumb question. But are you like my friend Katie who has 2 small kids and wants a couple of hours out of the house for herself to be herself and she sees working as a good idea and a break, as well as earning $$? Or are you wanting to sabotage the job?

Molly Daniels said...

Do I WANT a job? No. But with these stupid gas prices, not to mention the fact I'm going to need extra spending money for my 'book tour', then yes, I want it. And you guessed gives me a chance to be away from my kids for a while.

Plus, it's part of the Single Mom Test, pt 2.

barbara huffert said...

Um, maybe you should hold out for something you actually would look forward to doing for a few hours a day?

Molly Daniels said...

Gee...maybe my carefree attitude is coming across in a negative way?

I'd actually love the baby room. They don't talk back, ha ha:) Seriously, if they call me, I'll go. The agency is so short-handed, they need caring people.

Anny Cook said...

Wow! Thank you for your kind words about Honeysuckle. I'm kinda partial to Dick and Peter my own self. Thank you muchly.

Phoenix said...

Thanks, Moll!! How funny. And no, don't worry about not buying my book ASAP. I'm afraid I can't keep up with everyone either. I have seven sitting in my "library" waiting for me to get to them.

Good luck on the interview.