Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Too Funny:)

Currently Reading: Fault Lines, by Anne Rivers Siddons. Don't have a clue what it's about, because it arrived with no book jacket. Just my aunt's name inside:)

E-Books: North Atlantic Nights by Emmie Graham and Hello by Dakota Rebel (Yeah, I broke my rule...but hey, since I made it in the first place, it's all right!)

I have a fan!

My toddler's teacher informed me this afternoon that a box of old books came into her possession. She picked out the ones she wanted to keep, and then sent the rest with her hubby to GoodWill.

Her grown daughter came home and asked where the box went. Upon being told they were no longer in the house, she exclaimed,

(And I got a huge kick out of this!)

"There weren't any Molly Daniels books in there, were there? Please say no, Mom!"

Thankfully, none of my books had been donated, and the daughter was relieved her signed copies were still on the shelf!

Just what I needed on this rainy day! Yes it's a dreary, gray day, but I'll take rain over snow!

We just need the sun to come back for the Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday.

Stay dry everyone!


Dakota Rebel said...

Rule breaking in my honor? Wow, I feel honored. Thanks! I hope you like it now. It would be awful if you hated it after all the waiting and rule breaking and all.

Congrats on the fan. Isn't that a great feeling? Or I guess is it a great feeling? I don't know that I have actual fans yet, but you all sure make me feel pretty darn special so I'll take it!


Amarinda Jones said...

A fan is good - one becomes many

Kelly Kirch said...

Molly that's awesome. Congrats! How old is your fan?

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Very cool - I'm glad your books were safe and sound on the shelf!

Molly Daniels said...

In her twenties:)

Kenzie Michaels said...

Cool! I can't wait until I start collecting fans:)