Friday, March 7, 2008

An Open Letter to my Muse

Currently Reading: I won Bronwyn's book, Ronan's Grail!!! I'll be reading it later today:) I'm also rereading Mountain Laurel, by Jude Devereaux. I used to own this book, but loaned it out and never got it back. I'm glad I found it in one of the boxes...I'd completely forgotten this one!

Dear Muse...

I'm really happy you have finally returned from your extended vacation! I'm thrilled to be writing again. But I have a question:

Why, oh why do you return on the day when I'd planned an all-out attack on the mountain of laundry? I woke up this morning, determined to stay on task and finish it all, including the bedding the little one's bladder soaked, and instead, I find myself returning to the computer as soon as possible, my fingers itching to write what you're dictating.

And granted, you've thrown me some curveballs in the past, but a borderline anorexic ex-wife? A gorgeous hunk who likes mangos and kiwi? A heroine with a love of passion fruit? May I remind you, I can't stand citrus food? And now I have to eat some, or at least have people describe the taste to me, so I can effectively put some adjectives in besides 'sweet' and 'juicy'?

Or is this just a cry for help from my taste buds to please travel to another city and eat in a good restaurant again?

I appreciate you NOT bringing the blizzard with you...although, the kids were released early and will now be clamoring for computer time. And maybe we can have the birthday party tomorrow, provided the guests are willing to venture out into the cold. And I sincerely hope you decide to stick around a little longer this time...I'd like to accomplish a couple of pages a day, or preferably 1500 words again.

As long as I don't catch a lot of flack from the other occupants of this house, we'll coexist just fine:)

Your Author


Amarinda Jones said...

Thankfully, I don't have a muse. I just rely on me

anny cook said...

What's amuse?

Ashley Ladd said...

Oh where oh where has my muse gone? I have to wrangle it back into submission. Ooh, that sounds kinky...

I hope you get to have the birthday party tomorrow.

barbara huffert said...

A muse? That's how it works? You mean I'm not supposed to go out and try everything so I can then write about it? Hm, doesn't sound like nearly as much fun.

Kelly Kirch said...

Birthday party go off without a hitch?