Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reality TV

Currently Reading: Wow! Finished Thief of Mine last night...I enjoyed the 'insights on the thief's life', and the cat-and-mouse antics, and I also loved how Stella was at war with her brain and her body! Totally relatable here...great job, AJ! Next up is North Atlantic Nights and Camouflaged Hearts. And maybe My Cherie Amour. The next AJ book will be Seducing Celestine:) But not for a couple of weeks.

I've tried not to bore you with my opinions on my favorite TV shows, but after last night, whew! I am glad James is still in the Big Brother house! I wish Ryan had gone ahead and back-doored Matt, but the next HOH (Head of Household) can do that next week, or maybe even get rid of Natalie I-can't-keep-quiet! She's becoming increasingly annoying with her 'I love Mattie' comments when he told her to her face he wasn't interested in her! Get a clue, chick! Time for both of you to go.

And then there's Chelsia...I thought I liked her. I like the fact she and James seem to really care for each other, but her claws royally came out when Ryan put James on the block. And thankfully, he came back, although it would have been nice to see Alex as well. Yes, I find James' tattoos unnerving, but the kid seems to have a good heart.

Last week, the news reported that a kid in California is trying to get a 'No Cussing' campaign started. Frankly, I think BB ought to implement this idea...with all the bleeping in the dialogue of the houseguests, you'd think someone at CBS would call a meeting of said guests and told them to clean up the language! Even Julie told James to 'keep it clean' a few times. How about the next time a guest can't find another word or phrase to use, they have to be gagged? Not literally...remember last season, when America's Player had to abstain from talking to another player? Same concept, only not talking for 24 hours, PERIOD!

Survivor...boy am I glad I'm still watching! This is getting good! A fake idol will be found; Jonathan having health issues; and according to next week's TV Guide, this will happen AGAIN next week! Woo hoo...although with the clues Jeff Probst left, I wonder if next week's victim will be Chet. That guy seems to be wasting away before our eyes...

Celebrity Apprentice: Omarosa was sent home last week! Happy dance...although, gotta admit, she and Piers' verbal battle made for a 'must see' week after week. So now it's down to Tito, Piers, Trace, Stephen, and Carol. Who will it be tonight? And last week, TV Guide said someone was going to shirk their duties and go to a bar instead of working. Never saw it. Maybe they goofed and it will happen tonight? Or maybe the editors thought it would be a non-issue and it ended on the cutting room floor. Who knows?

What's going on in your world? I'm battling rising gas and food prices. It is also beautiful in my little corner of Indiana! We actually cooked outside on the grill, and even made s'mores last night. And K got out the telescope and looked at the tiny sliver of moon. The toddler has even spent a couple hours with his big brother at our local skate park, enjoying his skate board. The first day, he sat down on it and rode it down one of the ramps, running over his own hand and cutting it open. Yesterday, he was thrilled he can go down a tiny slope and still stay upright. If the rain holds off until after sundown, he'll most likely go back again. The activity has increased his appetite and he's gone to bed without complaint! It has been wonderful, at least from Mom's stand point!

If this keeps up, we might see him on X-Games in ten years. I'll probably be totally gray by then.


Unknown said...

Thanks Mate

barbara huffert said...

I don't get the whole reality TV thing although it might helpif I actually watched one of the shows.

I'm had s'mores! Will you adopt me?

Unknown said...

When you mention Indiana, which is practically home for me (I'm from Cincinnati), I get very homesick. Do you know yet if you're going to Lori Foster's event in Cincy this summer?

Don't tell my 17 y.o. you have s'mores or chocolate or she'll move in with you. She loves both. Sounds pretty good to me, too. :)

Phoenix said...

I'm a Survivor junkie. Last night was awesome! I got worried for Ozzy at council but it all came out smelling like flowers. I love Ozzy.

Phoenix said...

Ashley, Wanna come to a book signing at IPFW?? Moll and I will be there.