Saturday, March 22, 2008

Round Two...

Currently Reading: I'm on chapter 7 on Marriage Mart:) I like it! I'm also on the second story of the anthology.

Here's my picks for today. They get a little harder!

Notre Dame-Lost:(
Michigan State-WON! 65-54:)
Kansas St.-Lost:(
Stanford-WON! 82-81:)
Texas A&M-Lost:(

Yikes! Only 3 successful picks? Let's hope I do a little better tomorrow...

Shopping Trip from Hell

I don't remember how old we were; it may have been when I was either 14 or 15. But Mom took my sis and I to the Mall so we could get our Easter dresses. I found two I liked; tried them on; one fit, the other didn't; Bingo....choice was made.

Meanwhile, my sister picked out two and one was the wrong size. Mom took it back to the rack to get another size, and returned with it plus another style. Again, one was the wrong size. I don't remember how many trips my mom made to and from the racks, but every time she spotted another dress she thought my sister would like. And every time, one of the dresses was either too small, or too large.

I was bored by all the waiting, and was on the verge of offering to make the returns so there would be NO MORE DRESSES for her to try on, when apparently she was fed up with it as well and made her choice.

Maybe that is when my aversion to shopping began? I know what I want; I go in and look for it; if I find it and like it, I buy it and leave. Occasionally, I'll linger, but not that often. And I usually only get the urge to power-shop (for myself) twice a year. Christmas shopping doesn't count.

Today on the agenda? Coloring Easter Eggs and keeping track of the basketball scores. I was only able to watch a few minutes of two games yesterday. So we'll see what happens today:)


Phoenix said...

Sigh. I'll live, I guess. I can't imagine basketball taking precedence over anything. But okay. And I'm glad you like MM so far.

barbara huffert said...

Um, so you already know I don't do reality shows. I don't do this basketball tournement either. I don't get the fascination. The only reason I pay any attention to it at all is because I live next door to a very popular sports bar - for the next two weeks there will be no parking.

Unknown said...

Aversion to shopping? That's just sad

Molly Daniels said...

Ack! It's 7pm and I'm 0 for 2! And the darn thing is, I almost picked Wisconsin...should have followed my instints. And Purdue is down by 6 with 3 mins to go.