Monday, March 17, 2008

Top O' The Morning To Ye!

Can you tell I've been having fun on photo bucket?

I really like this one!

I'm wearing a white turtleneck with brightly colored leaves on it, and yes, green is one of the colors:)
Have you got yours on? If not, then...

MIL is doing well. They've admitted her to the hospital for a few days, and I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, everyone!
I'm starting to get ready for my signings. My marketing materials finally arrived last week, and I finally put the prize packages together. They will go out tomorrow! I'm also shipping my two 'babies' off to be reviewed...I hope they are well received:)
My tote is put together, with my white tablecloth; five copies of each book; pens; business cards and holder; bookmarks; stapler and box of staples; 'sneak peek' at Forbidden Love; overview of entire series; and announcement sign. I need to go get posters made of Love Finds a Way, so I can put them up in the dorms on campus and other strategic places, as well as some LFAW bookmarks. Then I need to call B&N and check to see if there's anything else I need to do; MapQuest the directions (I wasn't happy with the route I took last year); and email everyone I know.
And since March Madness is in full swing, I'll be posting my pics for the NCAA Tournament on Thursday, before the games begin! The last two years, I've been moderately accurate, and have a friendly bet going with a friend every year, in which the loser takes the winner out to eat! Hopefully, I'll be consuming another meal in two weeks, ha ha! So if anyone else out there is a college basketball fan, feel free comment on the weekends!


Unknown said...

Happy St. Patty's Day (belated). I forgot and wore black to work yesterday. I remembered what day it was after I left the house for work and didn't feel like changing so I ran home and got a green hair tie so I had a bit of green. Then my friend gave me a stick on shamrock when I got to work, so I wasn't totally un-Irish. We're having our St. Patty's day lunch at work tomorrow as it's the only day in the week we're all at lunch at the same time.

I'm glad your MIL is doing better.

As for the Alpha Smart, I got mine on ebay (the Alpha Smart people probably hate me for saying this - although everyone who sees me with it asks me about it so I give them great advertising). It's only a keyboard for typing in Word files. Once I'm ready, I upload it onto my computer. It's light weight so easy to carry. It turns on and off in a blink, so that's great. And so far, it's run probably at least 24 hours on two AA batteries. It has no Internet connection so I don't get distracted with that - or blogs. :) You'd love it. It's easy.

Molly Daniels said...

I tried 4 times to reformat this, and blogger would not cooperate. Oh well...

Kelly's offering me one of hers if she's still not using it by May! Yay! No more writing in longhand when my kids insist on using the computer!