Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sweet 16:)

Currently Reading: Finished North Atlantic Nights, by Emmie Graham:) Fantastic book! It's long, 216 pages, but well written, and CLEAN! No language, no buzz words, no sex! Don't fall off your chair...yes, this book is one I'll invite my teenager to read, if she chooses. I hope Ms. Graham writes another one:) You can buy it at Cerridwen Press.

I finished Seattle last night, but really couldn't get 'into' the last 2 stories. I'm now starting on Wyoming, by Colleen Coble. And from reading the back cover, I think all 4 stories are post-Civil War.

Next E-book on the list? My Cheri Amour, by Shara Azod or Camouflaged Hearts. Stay tuned:)

First things first: Here's my pics for tonight's games:

Xavier-WON! 79-75 in OT:) Whew! I was worried there for a moment...
UNC- WON! 68-47:)
W.Kentucky (even though I heard someone say UCLA...these guys are tough!)-Lost:(

Limericks are Back:)

Kelly Kirch brought it it my attention that another 'ditty' is in order. Why? Anny Cook has the much-anticipated final book in her Flowers of Came-A-Lot series, Daffodil arriving tomorrow! I'm really eager to learn how Pansy the Tooth Fairy plays a part in this story...

So without further ado, here's my ode to Anny. Enjoy:)

There once was an author named Cook
Whose books make you sit up and look
At the sex lives of Flowers
Blue people with Powers
Daffodil-EC-Buy the Book!

I've also got one I can't finish, so if anyone has some suggestions, feel free to comment!

There once was a grandma named Anny
Who wrote about Chrys, Honey, and Daffy
Chrys has her King
Honey gave two men a ring

What the heck...I'm in a good mood. If anyone can finish the last one, I'll send you a free download of Love Finds a Way! How's that sound? What a better way to celebrate a relaxing week w/o my kids, even if it is raining at the moment.

To-Do List:

Have to go pick up my bookmarks and posters, and depending on the rain factor, hang the posters around campus in every residence hall and public area possible.

Grocery shopping for a few items. I have a craving for lasagna.

Chat tonight on LRC with Dakota Rebel. I totally forgot that Survivor's not on tonight! So I can chat for 3 hours and keep track of the scores at the same time:) And maybe even convince my hubby to go downstairs to watch his shows??? And yes, I'll be wearing my fuzzy slippers! I might even pick up a four-pack of White Russians. I'm on vacation; I'm entitled to indulge now and then!

Speaking of indulging...

Did anyone catch Big Brother last night, and Chelsia's passive-aggressive tantrums? Whew! I knew the girl had a temper...remember when she blew up at Ryan for back-dooring James? She really showed it when she knew she was about to get axed! Even though James turns me off with all of his tatoos, I still like the kid. I hope he wins. But first, they gotta get rid of Natalie! And...that's going to be hard, since she's HOH this week. Crap!

Stay dry, all! AJ, I'm sending my rain your way. You need it more than we do!


Brynn Paulin said...

I'll see you at the chat!

Unknown said...

oh lord...a limmerick...damn shame Marlow's Curse missed out on one

Anny Cook said...

Heh! Thank you, Molly! They're wonderful!

Unknown said...

I obviously missed the chat by now - I just saw your notice and it's almost midnight. I was at softball again anyway. The daughter pitched most of the game.

Unknown said...

I just realized you have been talking about basketball all week. I saw this Yank show and they mentioned some of those teams