Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not Again!

E-books I'm buying next week: Thief of Mine, by Amarinda Jones, Honeysuckle, by Anny Cook (I tried to win it twice, but no luck!), and either North Atlantic Nights by Emmie Graham or Camoflaged Hearts.

We're getting more snow tonight. AARRRGGGHHH!

Okay, tantrum over. But seriously...why? It's March! Time for the temps to quit being so cold and time to start warming up! But no...this year, Mother Nature is tossing us below normal temps and another doozy of a snow storm heading straight for us.

And hubby wants to know why we all keep getting the sniffles?

Maybe, just maybe, if the weather cooperated, and here's a thought...stayed the same temperature for more than one day here and another couple days there...these germs would get a chance to actually move out of the house??

Case in point: Sunday and Monday, it was beautiful outside...high 60's, lower 70's...we opened every single door and window and let the warm air freshen the house. But Tuesday, temps plummeted back into the 30's and time to bundle up in coats, hats, and gloves again. By Wednesday, even the dh had the sniffles. And now we're in the path of a snowstorm that may or may not shut down the town. The weathermen don't know which path the storm is going to take. If it goes to the east, we'll get rain, or just a little bit of snow. If it stays to the west, well, we're in the 3+ snowfall line.

And the other bad news is, we've got a birthday party planned for Saturday! But if this weather may get pushed back another week!

And since my sinuses don't like low pressure, I'm going to take a decongestant and go lie down. The baby's got a doctor's appointment in an hour, and if I don't, then I'll end up being the patient!


Anny Cook said...

What? You don't like the zig-zag weather?

Enjoy Honeysuckle... it'll warm you up, I'm sure.

barbara huffert said...

Well darn. You're hoarding all the snow. Come on Molly share. Please?

Amarinda Jones said...

I hope you like Thief. I have a compeition ofr a copy of Marlow's Curse coming up very soon

Brynn Paulin said...

Ugh! So sorry to hear about the snow and the sinuses.

Kelly Kirch said...

I'd prefer only 3 inches of snow, but my little town is expecting 6-12 inches by Saturday.

Molly Daniels said...

Update: We only got a trace:) And now only supposed to get 4 at the most, but you know Mother Nature...she likes to throw in surprises every now and then!