Friday, March 28, 2008

Basketball Ups and Downs

Currently Reading: Won Dakota's contest last night, so she sent me Sweet Dreams. I've not had a chance to begin it yet, but maybe later tonight. Thanks Dakota! As you know, I loved Hello, and raved about it everywhere. So I'm sure I'll enjoy this one as well!

I suppose I need to clarify some parts of last week's post to my international friends; I had thought I had said clearly that March Madness, the college basketball final tournament that grips sports fans every March, was upon us.

I happen to like college basketball, and I am married to a non-sports lover. Shocking. A male, who doesn't watch sports? I know; I can hear you....How did you get hooked up with him? Luck of the draw, I guess. And to be perfectly honest, I don't pay attention the rest of the season; it started by a friendly bet between one of my guy friends during the final 4 one year; we continued it the next year; before you know it, I'm watching the Bracket Selection Show and selecting my favorite teams. And that's how it started. Sometimes I win; sometimes I don't. And that's okay, because the only thing bet was a dollar. Well, inflation. Now it's a meal somewhere:) And only for the final game; never for all the games!

With that said, I went 50/50 last night. And since I didn't have to be quiet at midnight last night, my hubby sat there and watched me scream at Western Kentucky every time they missed a basket or a rebound! And then did the same at Tennessee.

Let's hope I do better tonight....

Davidson-WON! 73-56:)
Memphis-WON! 92-74:)

Yes, I've finally picked Davidson. They are this year's Cinderella team, and I like to cheer on the underdogs! I've not checked the schedule to see when they play, so I hope it's not during Anny's chat tonight!

Sat am:

Want to get my picks in before they start tonight!
Xavier (yes...still cheering on the underdogs, even though they may get smoked...but I hope they put up a good fight against UCLA!)

I'm still 50/50. Not bad:)

Back on Campus

I had a blast this afternoon! Went over to campus and hung posters on doors, bulleting boards, and even called attention to myself. Walked into what used to be the 'Campus Hilton', wondering which entrance had the most traffic, and stopped inside the doorway with my jaw hitting the floor! The young man sitting at the desk laughing with his buddies asked, "May I help you?"

Proof my brain and my mouth weren't working together. Instead of politely and professionally asking for a few pieces of tape, I blurted, "WOW, has this place changed!"

One of the guys laughed and looked at me.

I walked over to the desk and asked for my tape, and added, "I know I'm dating myself, but when did they brick in the other entrance?"

"Uh, ten years ago?"

We all laughed, the ice broken, and they asked what I was putting up. They seemed impressed to meet an actual author!

I had similar experiences in the other dorms, and actually had two rapt audiences of girls, wanting to know about my series and what the campus had been like twenty years ago. And I was equally dumbfounded by the fact that the opposite sex still has to be checked into the rooms by leaving their ID's at the desk!

"Too bad there's not a Virgin Hall, a Slut Hall, and Cohabitational Hall," one of the girls joked.

"Yeah, but what parent wants to place their darling child in Slut Hall?" I asked. "According to parents, their girls are all virgins!"

And even got some great storyline ideas, just from talking to them!

Home Sweet Home

My sons arrived home; daughter is staying a few extra days. The toddler acts like he's not seen me in a month, and it's only been 4 days! But it was good to cuddle with him and hear him talk about what he did at Grandma's house. And then he was off to watch his Nickelodean shows!

Since tomorrow is the signing, I probably won't post until later in the evening, if I post at all. So have a good weekend, everyone:)


Unknown said...

I like some sports, but I'm not the big fan my hubby is. I can't sit and watch them on tv or bet on them like he does. I've wonderered, too, how we hooked up when we're so different.

Unknown said...

Oh probably did. I zone out when I read anything to do with sport...all sports are the same to me.

Phoenix said...

Yay! So glad you turned out last night.