Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy Thursday!

Currently Reading: I LOVED Dakota's book Hello!!!!! This is definitely a must-read for everyone within reading distance of this blog! It is fast-paced; funny; and will keep you riveted to your computer/e-reader screen until you finish the last page! What are you waiting for? Go buy it!

Also, Katie Blu's first release is today! Hot Under the Collar sounds hilarious as well as sexy! Kelly's got the details on her blog; go to and check it out!

I'm reading California, a faith-based anthology with 4 authors. Yes, Grandma is a devout Baptist and passed these gentle romances on to me. There are at least 4 more coming up. The first story is about a career-driven woman who learns she has MS and falls in love with her neurologist, a devout Christian. I'm at the point where he's referred her back to her 1st neurologist, so there's no doctor/patient rules being broken!

Am posting early for several reasons:
1) The NCAA tournament begins in a about an hour and I want my pics to be public before the 1st game is played, so you know I'm not lying about my pics:)

Here's who I've picked to win today:

Notre Dame-WON! 68-50:)
Washington State-WON! 71-40:)
Kansas-WON! 85-61:)
UNLV-WON! 71-58:)
Wisconsin -WON! 71-56:)
Michigan State-WON! 72-61:)
Pittsburgh-WON! 82-63:)
Stanford-WON! 77-53:)
UCLA -WON! 70-29...are you kidding me??? UCLA killed them:)
Texas A&M-WON! 67-62:)
Purdue-WON:) 90-79:)
Xavier-WON! 73-61:)
Duke-WON! 71-79:)

I'll check back later to see how I did.

2) Hubby's birthday is today, and he's suffering from a nasty cold. I'm fixing him a nice roast beef dinner, and trying out a new pasta recipe I found...I think it's a Wolfgang Puck. Pasta with Mushroom sauce. I think it sounds yummy. And since he and I both love mushrooms...the kids can warm up the leftover potatoes from the other night! 'Poison Mushrooms' is a family joke; the kids refuse to eat them.

3) My carpel symptoms seem to be doing better, so I'm going to get to work on my edits, in between checking on the scores! Toddler gets out of school by the time the games start, and hubby doesn't like to watch sports, so unless he lets me have the upstairs TV, I'll have to rely on the internet.

4) Also have to bake his cake and go rent his gift. Before you go off half-cocked, I tried to buy him the new Stargate movie, but he rebelled and made me put it back on the shelf. So I'm heading over to Family Video this afternoon and renting him several sci-fi flicks.

What's everyone else up to?


Unknown said...

Thanks for the plug Molly! I am thrilled you like Hello so much.

Great picks too, though it's 2.15pm and I heard that Xavier is getting their arses kicked, so we'll see.

Dakota Rebel

Molly Daniels said...

It's 2:34 and Kansas kicked Portland State's ass...and Xavier is up by five with 3 mins to go!

Phoenix said...

I have Hello! too. Can't wait to read it. First have two Bronwyns and a Sandra Cox.

Unknown said...

I have no idea what all those numbers are but if it makes you happy...

Sandra Cox said...

Happy Birthday to Hubby and glad the carpel is better!

Molly Daniels said...

It's 10:30, and with 4 games left, I'm not doing too badly...only missed 2 so far...

Unknown said...

Hope your hubby had a happy birthday. I'm sure you had a great time.

Besides getting hot under the color about my insurance company most of the work day today, I was the target at my daughter's pitching lesson, and then I watched her team get brutally murdered at her softball game. 15-1. Oy! It was torture, pure and simple, watching those poor girls get stomped all over. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning, though. We're off for Good Friday. :)

Molly Daniels said...

Not bad...13 correctly picked:)

Just be glad your girls didn't get run over like Mississippi Valley...did you see that final score? 70-29...But your girls put up a heck of a fight, Ashley:) And like you, I have my own issues over insurance...sometimes I don't think they realize how stupid some of their 'policies' are! Take my hubby...they'd rather fork out $40 a week for a blood draw. But pay $2000 for a blood testing meter (just like the cardiologist uses)? Nooooo....makes no sense.