Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chauvanism 101

Nine years ago, I witnessed first-hand the workings of a chauvanistic man. There were 4 of us in his Navigator, going to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to work the concession stand during time-trials. I happened to be in the back seat, right behind the driver.

Before I go on, just let me say that I practically grew up around the track. My grandparents lived only a few blocks away; we attended time trials every Mother's Day, and when I got to college, spent a great deal of time in the infield. My parents also get the same seats in the paddock area, not far from the start/finish line. My first job after college, I drove a 'bus' (it was actually a station wagon) for an agency, and my route took me to the area every day. I know how to get there; where to park; and the shortest route. Plus, I lived 2 miles from the track as an adult for seven years. So yeah, it's safe to say I know the area very well.

We were traveling north from Morgan County, where the driver had lived his entire life. I'd only been a resident of the county for less than two years. He pulled onto 465 N and proceeded to drive towards the exit, intending to pull off at Crawfordsville Rd instead of 38th st. Fine; no problem. But it was when he turned left onto High School Rd that the following conversation took place:

"I think High School will take us up to 38th; maybe we can even get in the back way."

"If you turn onto 34th, it will lead to Georgetown and we can park in the Coke lot."

"Oh, here's 3oth. I wonder if it will take us over to Georgetown."

"No, it dead ends. Go up one more traffic light."

So what did he do? Turned onto 30th.

"Oh...dead end. I wonder where this street goes?" Abrupt left turn.

"It leads you to 34th..."

"Hey...34th...will this take us over to Georgetown?"


I rolled my eyes and turned to the president of our baseball league, sitting beside me. "My main problem is, I'm female and in the back seat!"

Wonder of wonders...the following year, the men let me drive!

Have a good weekend, everyone:) My carpel is acting up, so I'm getting off of here to go read some more. If you're dying for some eye candy, visit and feast your eyes. But be prepared...I almost went blind when I saw one of the pics! So...enter at your own risk! And then drop by Barb's and give her your opinion on pear martinis...Since I avoid liquid fruit, my personal opinion is yuck. But don't take my word for it!


barbara huffert said...

You mean the men actually learned from the experience? Wow!

Unknown said...

Men are strange

Sandra Cox said...

Men and their machines. Put a steering wheel in their hands and their machismo increases ten fold.
How are thing in Indiana?

Phoenix said...

Idiots behind the wheel. All of them. Makes you wanna bang your head on the dash... but they wouldn't notice unless it was to tell you it was their idea.