Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bitter Pill


We all get it from time to time; my life just seems to be overwhelmed with it at the moment, so forgive the slight pity party. I'm dealing with it as best as I can. But when your life reverts to a simpler time, you realize how much distraction is actually in your life.

I've not had access to the internet for two days. I wouldn't say I'm overly addicted to it; I didn't go crazy and hound the neighbors, demanding they let me check my mail or anything. But I didn't realize how much I depend on it to keep in touch now!

For instance: There were two chats on one of my loops, and 47 digest emails to wade through. I started to read the exerpts, but then I thought, 'at this rate, I'll be here all day!' So I just started skimming the messages, and reading the ones with the interesting subject lines. One hour later, I was checking my other personal email, and found it full of junk; however, there were about 5 out of 40 that was worth reading, and I even responded to a pair.

I don't actually watch TV during the day; the toddler is busy in and out, but I keep it tuned to his Nickelodean channels so that when he's hot, Dora, Diego, Wonder Pets, and Backyardigans are already singing. And the other night, we had a thunderstorm which knocked out the satellight for fifteen minutes, so I'm hoping that yes, I'm smarter than a 5th grader, as I was doing pretty well until the power blip! Toddler and I sat on the front porch swing and watched the rain fall, enjoying the drop in temperature. Fortunately, the storm settled down enough I could bathe him and put him to bed. And the satellight signal returned in time for 'Swingtown'. I'm still on the fence about that show...maybe one more episode?

What have I been doing?
Cleaning. With my teens gone for the week, I stripped both of their beds and completely washed their bedding. I dismantled my daughter's and cleaned everything out from under her bed and vacumed the rug. Son's bedroom has hardwood floor, plus a double bed, so didn't get so adventurous in his room.

The toddler 'helped' me take Mr. Clean erasers to the entire woodwork in the kitchen: Baseboards, cabinets, doorways...and I thoroughly scrubbed the floor. That room SPARKELS!

Next job
Toddler won't like it, but I'm weeding out his toys. You know the ones...broken, abandoned, forgotten. There are plenty of flood victims who might like some gently used toys he no longer plays with, and who will appreciate them more at the moment. I'm also packing up anything on my shelves not touched in the past year. And that includes my desk shelves.

During the Day
It's funny how the mind works. I know my husband's right about traveling two hours north to set up my booth when a) the last time I worked it, I only sold 1 book; b) the gas prices alone are four times as much; c) my van's alternator still needs replaced; and d) he wants to come home next weekend and see his family. But what he doesn't get is a) Not everyone knows about my second book being out; b) I have a place to stay, with friends I haven't spent much time with in the past 2 years; c) I could actually contact the 2 stores in Indy and sell my book to several friends who have been waiting patiently for a signed copy; and d) my kids could see their old friends as well, and what's one weekend away from him? Not to mention e) we could borrow the money from his mom to fix the van and repay her next week!

But no. He's made up his mind, and no one will make him change it.

Except maybe AJ or the iron skillet upside his head...

Okay. I'm getting off this train right now. Time to check out my friends' blogs and hopefully get cheered up?

After all...there are more craft fairs this summer. And even some around here. Watch for updates:)


Anonymous said...

Hello molly don't worry my husband will be on the shit list tonight i know he is going to screw up our alone time tonight. I have already warned him no drinking tonight I want some. But it never fails when he gets paid he gets drunk at least once. Sad to say it's been 6 months I am going crazy!!! Sorry I didn't chear you up. Maybe next year you can come to Loris or Elloras cave get together we can get drunk together or find some of those cute models they are promising.

Phoenix said...

Liberating no?

Unknown said...

As we all know, men only think one way and to deviate from that path is beyond them - just go

barbara huffert said...

Why not piss him off even more and rent a car? Do you have a rent-a-wreck there? They're very cheap and your kids would enjoy the trip too so it's not just about you and your books.

Anny Cook said...

Ah, rebellion. Isn't it grand?

How's the flooding near you? Hope your computer/TV/car troubles are all over soon!

Unknown said...

Your hubby sounds like mine. But you did double, even quadruple duty with your trip, and it's TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Not that even with high gas prices a couple hour drive costs THAT much. Still. Remind him of all that. Plus, even if only a couple books get sold that you know of on the spot, you had a chance to get a lot of PR out and probably sold a lot more books that way.

I hope you feel better and that you had a fun trip seeing the friends.