Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Currently reading: Law and Order, by Dorothy Uhnak. Very interesting; it shows 3 generations of Irish policemen from 1937-1970. Finished Redemption: Fallen by Brynn Paulin before the PC crash, and loved it! Brought up some questions I need to ask her....

Was going to read Kay Wilde's Demon Wind next, but as it has fallen victim to a wiped hard drive, who knows when I'll get around to it now...

I'm being interviewed: http://deadlyvixens.blogspot.com tomorrow, Wednesday June 4th!

Our resident computer expert dignosed my computer with having either a nasty virus or what he calls a 'trojan horse' one. Hubby tried doing a system restart last night, and the screen froze on the final screen. The processess menu says CPU is operating at 100%, but all of the processess say less than 5%. So we've shut it off at the power strip, and our expert is looking through his files to see if he has any Compaq recovery disks.

This sucks.

I have 9 e-books which I will now LOSE. I believe I still have Jae's email saved; I downloaded 'Seeing Me' last night, and hopefully I'll still be able to download it again. But the ones I downloaded two weeks ago...I know I'll be able to salvage the ones from TEB. But Loose Id and Ellora's Cave? Will they still be available, or will I have to rebuy them? Pardon me while I scream. AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!

Okay. Tantrum over. And the stupid thing is, I almost put them on my flash drive last night! Why didn't I do it? Why? Why?

Who knew hubby would take it into his head to mess with it?

So in the meantime, bear with me. I don't know how long this thing will take to repair; we do have an another CPU downstairs ('95) that we are going to try to hook up until the XP is repaired, or another PC is purchased. So if you email me and I'm not prompt in responding, don't hold it against me?

The love/hate relationship continues...and hubby is delighting in my agony. Although now he'll have to find a new phrase, as 'get off the damn computer' won't apply anymore!

At least I managed to finish my next book and saved it on my flash drive!

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Kelly Kirch said...

Which EC books? Going over to vixen.