Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Raining Kids

Currently reading: There's an upside to using the library daughter came with me last night and discovered the fourth book in the Percy Jackson series, 'Battle of the Labyrinth' by Rick Riordan is available! I'm reading it right after she finishes with it. Also discovered the Left Behind series has another one...Kingdom Come (I think is the title!). Jackie's reading it first. I thought the series ended with Glorious Appearing.

Had 3 extra kids again, which was good; my older two were gone. It rained in the morning; I had told the kids to bring their swimsuits in the event we would go swimming. But with the threat of rain...we had them get into their suits anyway and turned them loose in the backyard with a bucket of water and the squirt guns. They had a blast!

And if Casa Daniels wasn't full of kids, my neighbors across the street asked me to watch their infant for a half an hour while their new refrigerator was being delivered.

This kid's got a cute trick: No matter when he comes over, the phone rings off the hook! That phone could be silent all day, but the minute he arrives, everyone in the world thinks it's time to call! Fortunately, hubby is still home to help with everyone!

And he's being very nice about me sneaking off to the library today...I checked in early this morning to check on the interview and answer a couple of emails. Checked back again this afternoon when I made a quick trip to the store. And he offered to do the dishes tonight so I could post this and check my mail again. Yes, he's in sweet mode!

And as soon as this weather pattern breaks, he's filling out a new operator's card and going back to work!

And speaking of work....I got another royalty check in the mail. Thank you all who have bought my books the past 3 months! I can now pay my booth rental fees for the summer (well, okay...two of them anyway!) and sell some more!

Stay cool's supposed to hit 90 tomorrow.


barbara huffert said...

Woo hoo for your royalties! Remember to work your way east when you're planning your signings. I think next winter you should set up enough to make it all the way here. After all, you'll have the kids all's only fair that your hubby take over for a month in the winter.

Molly Daniels said...

That would be nice, wouldn't it? I've never been to a pro hocky game. We could cheer the Penguins on next year. Too bad about last night! So close!

Unknown said...

"Had 3 extra kids again, which was good".....can't see how that would be good.

Unknown said...

Are you going to Lori Foster's event tomorrow and Saturday? I hope to meet you. I don't know if the name tag will say Elaine Hopper or Ashley Ladd. Look me up and I'll watch for you.

Did you get all that bad weather the past couple days?

Phoenix said...

90. Really? That sucks. I just know it will be blistering when I move next week. :(

And your welcome. Now if I could arrange a moment to READ the book...