Saturday, June 7, 2008

Systematic Failure

Currently reading: A Newsweek Condensed Book. I'm on Whistler...sorry...I forgot to write down the author! His biography is quite interesting; I'm only on chapter 3.

A year ago, it was the fuel pump.

Last month, the transmission died.

Yesterday, it was the alternator.

Remember the movie 'Robots'? Rodney went into the spare parts business for all the 'aging' or 'damaged' robots? Basically, that's what is happening to my van: Just keep patching it together until we can afford a new one.

At least it was nice enough to die 2 blocks from our favorite Chinese restaurant, so I didin't have to cook last night:)

Storms again

Our damage? Our phone wire was dangling low between the house and the utility pole. No, we never lost phone service. But just found out that up in Terre Haute, the levee broke and the city is under water. Since we're down river from there, I hope our levees hold in the coming days. Otherwise, we'll be headed for higher ground soon.

Have a great weekend; I don't know if I'll make it to my temporary office tomorrow or not.

Forgot to mention: I got another rejection for Forbidden Love. The good news? She told me what's wrong with it! So as soon as I get my computer back, I'll fix it and send it off again.

The other good news? Wrote 4 pages on an entirely new story last night. Why not more? It's hard to write when you have a whiny toddler who needs to go to bed, yet insists on trying to crawl between me and my notebook. And since my oldest son was reading and Daddy was 'watching TV and couldn't be bothered', I reluctantly sat up, decided I'd come to an acceptable stopping point, and we both went to sleep. When I get home, I'll sprawl out on the bed and write some more. Or...I may just find a quiet desk somewhere in here and stay the rest of the day....


barbara huffert said...

You need to take a sabbatical and come here. My spare bedroom comes with a computer.

Sandra Cox said...

The editor/agent must have been interested in Forbidden Love to take the time to tell you what to do to fix it instead of sending a form letter.
Great job on getting 4 pages done on your new story!

Phoenix said...

Terra Haute is under water? I hadn't heard! The entire town? Yikes.

Unknown said...

Did you go to Lori Foster's event this weekend? If so, I missed you. Hopefully I'll meet you elsewhere. We had fun and learned a lto of good things.

Hugs on Forbidden Love but it's good to get such a good rejection letter. Fix it and resubmit.

anny cook said...

I love writing by hand. Recently found that my thought/writing process is completely different when I use a notebook vs computer. Is yours different?