Sunday, June 8, 2008

Odds and Ends

Currently reading: Book #2 in the condensed Newsweek book, Times to Remember, by Rose Fitgerald Kennedy. I read the whole book several months back. But it's fun to read again. I'm still bemoaning the loss of my ebooks, and especially my e-book LIST! Aggghhhh! What if the virus is now on my new flash drive? Will I ever be able to access it without endangering whatever PC I'm using? Sorry....panic attack.

Thank you for the kind remarks yesterday! Thanks Barb; I'll be over asap, especially if hubby decides not to work this year...let him do single parent duty for a while!

Ashley: I'll see you there next year:) Several Indiana authors went, and reports are trickling in. I'll know what to expect next year!

Sandra: She said she read it with interest, but I've left a major problem in the ms: I wrote this particular book twenty years ago, and when I switched it from 1st person to 3rd nine years ago, the first several chapters don't flow as well as the rest. I'm going to have to perform major surgery on it. Fortunately, I went to bed thinking about it, and right before I drifted off, the answer came to me. Instead of starting at the beginning of the relationship, I'm going to cut out a few chapters, since I've already established they are dating in Love Finds a Way. This will shorten it a bit, but it may make the story flow better.

Anny: Sometimes when I'm alone with my pen and paper, the words pour from the pen. At the PC, I tend to slow down, as I'm one of those people who can't stand shorthand or 'dyslexic' words as the story unfolds. I'm constantly correcting my typewritten mistakes (the obvious ones, anyway!) and this gets in the way of the storyline. In longhand, I'll use shorthand; I'll write notes to myself at the top of the page to remind myself to check something at a later date. If I'm at the PC, I'll sometimes exit the program to look up the info right then and there. So on one hand, yes, longhand makes the story get out of my head faster. But at the PC, I don't have to retype or decipher my handwriting! And since I can't always take my PC with me (and at the moment can't even USE it), I'm reduced to getting the story out as fast as I can write it, and anywhere the mood strikes, be it at the pool, the basement, my bed, the front porch, or even in a quiet coffee shop.

So I guess what I'm attempting to say is, yes, my writing style differs whether it's on paper or word processor:)

Kelly: From I-70 to I-74 is a huge mess. My bff lives in Clinton and she says she now has cornstalks all over her yard. Their house sustained no damage, but we have yet to hear from my SIL. She works for a nursing home, so she's probably busy helping the residents move/dry out/evacuate. I'll know more when I talk to her. This morning on the news, the ticker showed nearly every business or church had cancelled activities/services for the day.

And our gas prices jumped to $4.17 yesterday. How's everyone else's gas prices? Thank god the Wine and Art Festival next Saturday is local...and speaking of which, I received an email from author BB Walters, confirming she's going to share booth space with me. As it's her home town and my current one, we should both do well. Just hope the weather cooperates!

Moving on

Toddler now has his own pool, courtesy of the neightbors. We filled it halfway yesterday, and after splashing happily, he dragged his slide over to it and proceeded to have even more fun!

Managed to write four more pages last night. And this morning, had to call a halt to the conversation and actions in my head, as I overslept and had to hustle to get to church on time. Wrote several paragraphs before arriving at my temporary office, since it's only open for 4 hours today.

Looking ahead

Hubby has a doctor's appointment...Daughter should return from house-sitting...Both kids may be a part of 'Operation Kitchen Demolition' at Jackie's...we may attend Dollar Day at the pool... and at the rate I'm writing this story, I may have to find a computer that will let me save it to floppy disk. Oh wait...if I go to Barb's and lock myself in her spare room, that won't be a problem! Of course, I may lock myself in the wrong room and spend the entire time READING! Think my family could get along without me for, say, six months? Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know the visitation rule...I'll have to return home every so often!


Amarinda Jones said...

sounds you have been busy and good to hear you can salvage the book. Not sure how B would feel about a visitor for 6 months though...

barbara huffert said...

As long as you don't expect me to entertain you that whole time, come on over. You can help organize my 10,000 books! Feel free to read any or all.

Ashley Ladd said...

I hope to see you next year at Lori's event. A lot of Indiana people attended. I ended up hanging out with a couple Oklahama people and a fellow Cincinnatian.

Gas prices in Cincy, west side of town anyway, are anywhere from $3.85 to $3.94 a gallon. I may have even seen a $3.81 one day. I'm not sure about back home in Ft. Lauderdale. When I left, some were $3.99 a gallon.