Sunday, June 29, 2008


I have a certain shirt that I wear around the house at times. It is a dusty rose tank top, with a V-neck, and lace around the neckline and hem. The past two years, I've only worn it out in public with a denim shirt over it, to cover my arms.


I looked in the mirror and thought I was revealing too much skin. I jokingly called it a 'slut-shirt', and when writing my smut scenes, it helped me feel sexy. Plus, I have a tendancy to get cold easily, and the material is clingy, so the extra shirt keeps me warm.

But the other day, I put it on for the first time this summer season, and decided I didn't look so bad, after all! And actually got a nice comment from a friend who saw me wearing it.

Why the change? I've not lost any weight; I've not 'enhanced' anything; I simply decided to not care about what others 'might think' if I wore something.

But I rethought that idea when we went out to eat after church. There were two groups of teen girls sitting at two tables, and several had their sleeves cut out of their T-shirts. My hubby was highly offended because several of the holes were cut way below the armpits, and their bras were on display.

My daughter and I also took the dog to the vet this week, and a woman brought in her boxer. I honestly thought she was going to fall out of her extremely low-cut or too-tight shirt every time she bent over to quiet her dog! And after the dog got her medicine and rabies vaccine, my daughter remarked as we were leaving, "Thanks for dressing like a mom, Mom! I don't know how that lady kept her boobs from popping out!"

So I'll go back to wearing my shirt around the house. Not that my boobs are in any danger of falling out; I just want to set a good example for my teens.

And so far, it seems I'm succeeding.

Yes, I've got my PC back!

Thanks to my oldest son and our resident computer geek friend! They restored my computer back to the way it 2003! Ouch...5 years of files lost; 8 e-books; two years' worth of pictures (fortunately, we have them on photo CD!); and I'll have to reinstall Word. But the internet is running and all my bookmarks are still there:)

Tomorrow, I'll start attempting to download the e-books, and start reading again.

Ode to my Dad

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Since he's one of those who hates any kind of reminder of his age, I did not send a card; there was no cake. They simply went out to dinner and enjoyed a good meal.

But thirty years ago, we did throw him a celebration in Colorado, and my gift to him was this song, to the tune of 'Ode to Joy', or Beethoven's 9th Symphony:

It's your birthday, Daddy dear, yes it is, yes it is
We hope you enjoy your presents, yes we do, yes we do.
I've made something very special, something especially for you.

Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, Daddy dear
Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, just for you.

Go easy on me, will you? I was twelve! And 'Ode to Joy' is my dad's favorite hymn!

Oh, and btw...I was too embarassed to sing it in front of everyone, so I took him into the other room and barely choked out the words. My sister and our two friends had heard me working on it for a week, yet didn't volunteer to sing it with me. Heartless let me suffer like that! Or maybe they saw how bad it was and didn't want to be associated with it?

I redeemed myself in 2002. When we get closer to my mom's birthday, I'll post the better one...if I can find it!


Carol said...

I'm so glad to hear your computer problems are fixed, Molly. I would have just died if it had happened to me.

Molly Daniels said...

I think my family was tired of me trotting off to the 'office' for 2-3 hours every day, so they speeded up the efforts to fix the problem:) And just in time...I've had insomnia now for the 3rd time in 3 weeks.

barbara huffert said...

Yay for your computer!

And sing to your dad...he'll love it.