Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Garth Brooks Moment

Currently reading: Not as a Stranger, by Morton Thompson, copywrite 1954. So far, it's about a young man's quest to become a doctor, even though his father doesn't approve. So far, it's holding my attention.

Remember Garth's song about 'thank God for unanswered prayers'? I called several friends up in our old hometown and was told about the flooding. If we had moved into town two years ago, or even last year, our home would be under water. So someone's looking out for us...

And when I panicked and called our storage complex, positive that the news would be grim, I was very relieved to hear that our Christmas ornaments, the majority of my paperbacks, and the kids' toys are still safe. At least, for the time being! We really need to step up efforts to go transport everything down here! U-Haul, pick up the phone when I call, please?

I may just have to drive over there and talk to them in person.

YouTube Punishment?
Saw a thing on the news this morning that teens in Florida were caught tossing drinks at fast-food drive-through workers. Their punishment was to publically apologize on YouTube.

But here's the thing: All you see is text, and a very bored voice issuing the apology. Who's going to watch that? I say the boys should have been made to work at the drive-through for ninety days. And if there were muiltiple restaurants, then ninety days at each one. Think that would pound some sense into them?

Time Heals...
Remember my issue with a loved one two weeks ago? Talked to her a few minutes ago. Everything's cool again. But thank god technology failed...she asked if I'd gotten her response, and I said no...today's was the only one. Turns out she fired off a not-so-nice reply. But like I said, everything's been worked out, and we're still friends. We've agreed to disagree on my choice of life paths.

Ward 12
Hubby and kids are recovering. Hubby ate some chicken noodle soup; K couldn't keep anything on his tummy. W was back to normal, riding his trike and 'helping' the neighbor put away the lawn mower. But early this morning, hubby was shivering so badly, I had to put the fleece blanket over him. Needless to say, at 5 am, his fever finally broke. When I get finished here, I have some laundry to do, as well as clean up the kitchen. Yes, I'm one of those who lets them pile up, especially when I'm only cooking for myself and the little guy! Don't know what's on the menu tonight. I'm craving chicken parmesan, but if I'm the only one eating...I may take some of my OWN money (I love that feeling!) and treat us to Subway or something.

Flood Update
So far, the levee's held. Rain didn't start until after 6 pm last night, but when I tried to go across the bridge, the police have it blocked off. From what I've heard, parts of the Illinois town across the river has minor flooding. I'll watch the news/buy a paper later and check for more info.


Amarinda Jones said...

Love the Garth song...and I so belive in the power of unanswered prayers

barbara huffert said...

How about working at the drive thrus with the pay being donated to a worthy cause? I'd hate to see them profit in any way.

Stay dry!

Sandra Cox said...

I saw that this morning. Didn't they have to do something else besides the apology or am I misremembering?

Anny Cook said...

Stay high and dry!! Good luck with the writing!