Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm Still Here!

Currently Reading: Finished Bronwyn's book Celtic Fire and LOVED it! Next up is Brynn's book. Also finished "A Lady of Quality". Kelly, you might find it interesting. I especially enjoyed the conversation near the end when the prim, uptight companion discovered her free-thinking friend was entertaining the 'scoundral' in her bedchamber after a bout of the flu! Next up: The Mallen Streak, the 1st book Catherine Cookson wrote. I read 'The Mallen Girl' earlier, so it's interesting to go back and read the back story!

Blankety-blank computer...I'm posting at the library. Still the same problem on my home PC. I'm having a love/hate relationship with electronics at the moment: I love it when they work, and hate them when they refuse to behave!

I did get all my written files saved to the flash drive; next up are the 8 e-books to transfer.

Took the toddler to the dentist; his tooth was bothering him over the weekend, and now the poor tyke has a crown on his back lower molar. And from the looks of the opposite side, he'll soon have another one, or just a filling. He was very well behaved, and received a balloon, a toy necklace, and a sticker for being such a good patient!

Hopefully the PC probs will straighten out soon; maybe we've picked up a nasty virus undetected by the scan, or maybe I'm being told to stay off of the internet for a while? I would like to finish my edits and be able to send email without the thing locking up on me!

In the meantime, the library is quiet, and I'm not hearing 'Mooooooom!' while I'm posting!


barbara huffert said...

Have you tried asking your PC to cooperate nicely? Self-willed machines need TLC too.

Unknown said...

My favourie George Heyer book is Sylvester - read that one next. You'll love it

Phoenix said...

A Lady of Quality... okay. Haven't read it yet, but then I'm not doing much beyond packing at the moment. Thanks!