Sunday, June 22, 2008

Swift Kick in the Arse

Currently Reading: A Lion is in the Streets by Adria Locke Langley. It's slightly hard to follow; it's full of Southern Dialect. I'm on Chapter 4 so far.

A BIG thanks to all who commented yesterday...I thought I was going to get my butt chewed for being a selfish, spoiled brat and I discover you're all on my side? Whew!

I was so busy wallowing in self-pity the past few days that I forgot something.

Even when I feel at my lowest, I still have a Friend. One who loves me unconditionally.

I walked into church this morning, feeling as though I'd taken a wrong turn somewhere; like I was lost in a maze and no one cared.

I walked out knowing that He loves me and still finds me worthy, and that I should not give up hope! I thanked Fr. Dave afterwards, and probably thoroughly confusing him, as he has admitted on more than one occassion, he tends to forget what he talked about!

I'm not letting hubby off the hook. The next event is in July; I'll remind him he not only has a wife who would like to see her old friends; there are 3 kids who would like to 'go home', if only for a weekend, as well!

MeMe time...

Ashley tagged me. Whoever chooses to do their own, fantastic:) Since I probably won't be back online until next weekend, here's my answers:

1) 5 things on my To-Do list:
Post blog, do laundry, grocery-shopping, visit MIL, attend novelsisterhood discussion on plot development. All finished except for discussion. Begins in 15 mins.

2) What would I do if millionaire?
Pay off all debts; send some to both churches; secure kids' college funds; buy 2 new vehicles and houses. Go to as many conventions as I could. Help the flood victims in the area.

I took some great pics, but they'll have to wait until I get my new PC. Across the river the damage was bad...real bad. Our town is still intact.

3) 3 of my bad habits?
Nail biter; I put my foot in my mouth (and blog!) on occassion; I have a tendancy to put myself last too many times.

4) 5 places I've lived?
5 different towns in Indiana. I keep getting closer to Kentucky; one of these years I'll finally make it to Florida...

5) 5 jobs held?
Waitress; concession stand manager; full-time baby-sitter; bus driver; bus monitor.

6) How did I name my blog?
Molly's Musings. I wanted some alliteration:)

Oops, time to sign in for the workshop. See you next weekend, unless Jackie brings me her laptop the next time she's over my way...hint, hint....Swap you my kids for the computer...C'mon, whaddya say??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha........


Brynn Paulin said...

Hey you just need the box part of the computer...? The part with the CD and processor and all that stuff. (like all my non-techie language?)

Molly Daniels said...

I need a new hard drive. Virus chewed it up. Got an old XP I can have?????