Friday, June 6, 2008

Office Problems

Currently reading: The Fifth Estate, by Robin Moore. Battle for the Labyrinth was fantastic! My daughter had left it behind, so I read it first. I guess this is a sign I'm starting to recognize the writing style...I figured out who a crucial character was before his true self was revealed! The whole series has a Harry Potter feel to it...a strong, evil character is returning from the dead, and the main character who the prophesy may or may not be about has only one more year to fulfill it. But I like it, and cannot wait to see what happens in the next book! And unlike HP, these are considerably shorter! I don't know if Hollywood or Nickelodean would consider bring them to life; but it would definitely be interesting! If anyone has teens, I strongly reccomend this series. And it's a great way to 'see' Greek mythology in action!

The problem? I have no office at the moment:) But I have been blessed enough to be able to use the library's PC with the dropped keyboard, which has been wonderful! I've come away from here with 'mouse elbow', and I'm on a restricted time limit, especially if there are people waiting to use the computers.

But I've found that early in the mornings, the demand is less, and the good librarians don't seem to mind me typing away as I respond to emails and post my blog. And best of all, the only sounds are people quietly moving about. No TV, no arguing kids, no grouchy hubby.

When we were at my mom's two weeks ago, my oldest son commented on his uncle's computer usage and stated, "Gee, if you'd married him, you would have needed two computers and the only way you'd talk to each other would be by email!"

My sister, of all people, defended me! "Yes, but they are WORKING to get their businesses off the ground, and while your Uncle C's customers are scattered throughout Canada at the moment, your mom's customers are all over the WORLD and that is how she communicates with them. So if you want your mom to be successful, she has to stay connected, and that means posting her blog and writing her books."

Wow. After how many years, my sister has finally 'gotten it'? For example, ten years ago we were getting into the same business as one of her friends. She ridiculed our attempts, yet turned to her friend in the next breath and said, "So how's that working out?"

I guess after 12 years of marriage and two kids later, she has finally grown up and accepted that her big sis has finally accomplished something other than providing entertainment for her when she returns from her world travels!

Took the kids to the local pool yesterday. AJ wonders how getting rid of my teens and picking up 3 extra small ones was a good thing. Now my toddler finally had playmates of his own age:) And yesterday at the pool cooled everyone off. I don't have the 3 extra ones today, but my oldest son returned. The two boys may go back to the pool, since the 16-yr-old can take his younger brother down the water slide. I didn't dare attempt it yesterday, not knowing the swimming skills of the 5-yr-old, so I made the two younger ones stay with me in the shallow end. The 7 and 8-yr-olds loved it!

It's supposed to be 91 degrees again today, with the threat of T-storms again. But right now, the skies are blue and sunny. Plans for the weekend? None, at the moment. We may try to go to the Farmer's Market downtown in the morning. I found out they are looking for vendors, and the booth rental is cheap. So who knows?


barbara huffert said...

Wow, good for your sister. What a pleasant surprise to have her defend you.

Amarinda Jones said...

Still don't get the kid thing but if it works for you what the hell...

Molly Daniels said...

It's supplimental income:)