Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Currently Reading: Charmed Circle by Susan Ertz. It's a page-turner; I had to force myself to put it down after chapter 3:)

For some people, they avoid this day like the plague. For me, it's been lucky:) I know...strange. But seriously, it's all about your outlook.

Way back when, for whatever reason, I woke up on a Friday the 13th and fully expected at least 13 things to go wrong that day. And they did. I had a horrible day!

But the time I forgot about the date...WOW!

The day before, on Thursday the 12th, the guy I had a huge crush on walked me to class. Later that day, we were fictionally 'married' by his best friend. I was on cloud 9.

Friday, I woke up, eager to get to school and see if I had dreamed the 'married' part of the day. Nope...I grabbed my books, went to his locker, and he greeted me with 'Hi Honey! How are the kids?' and he walked me to my 1st class again, plus every class that day:)

The joke lasted until he and I actually married....other people. After 8 years, we declared ourselves 'fictionally divorced' and are still friendly whenever we happen to see each other, which now occurs every ten years.

So it's all about how you approach the day.

So far, mine's been is raining again; I've got my posters made and all my promo items are set for tomorrow; my scholorship application for the Midwest Writer's was declined, so if I want to go, I'll have to come up with the money somehow. Or try again next year.

Guilty Pleasures

AJ wrote about guilty pleasures yesterday, and I discovered another one last night. Anyone else watching 'Swingtown'? I watched the 1st episode last week, simply because the premise caught my attention, and given some of the books I've been reading, well, I wanted to see how it would be handled on prime-time TV.

And last night, I was thrilled to learn that my memory is not leading me astray...there was a scene at the Playboy Club, and when the dancers took the floor, it took me back to when I was ten years old, learning the Bus Stop dance! I even DVR'd it so I could dance along. I know...I'm nuts, but I remember practicing the dance and my sister making fun of me. So I stopped. And several years later, when my college roommates were talking about it, one 'refreshed' our memories by demonstrating it, but some of the moves I was remembering weren't in her demo. But after watching last night, there they were! My memory's NOT faulty, after all!

And I think the woman who plays Trina was in Windfall, my guilty pleasure from two summers or so ago. The summer series where ten friends won the lottery? I enjoyed it up to a point, and then everyone seemed to lose their minds...yeah, I know, soaps do that. But after a while it was just insane!

I don't know if I'll keep watching or not; I'm enjoying the music, and I've loved Grant Show ever since he was on Ryan's Hope soap opera. It all depends on if I can stand to stay awake that late every Thursday. That's why I had to quit watching ER! But it's summer, and my toddler now sleeps late too. So we'll see. Next week's episode features a fondue party; I remember those, and 'accidentally on purpose' dropping my bread cube into the cheese, all so I could kiss my 11-year-old boyfriend on the cheek! Anyone else do that too, or am I showing my age?


Unknown said...

Fondue parties bring back scary memories

barbara huffert said...

Ooh I love fondue. My memories are spectacular since the best ones orginated in Switzerland.