Friday, July 18, 2008


Currently Reading: Finished Master Me, and I loved the ending! Not gonna ruin it for you; it wasn't the ending I was expecting, so it was great! I may push Josh's story up a few notches. Next up is Tribute for the Goddess...and read the first chapter last night, before going to bed. This one is going to be interesting...and yes, broke my own rule about buying the same author back to back. But it is my rule, and I can break it! I think Bron's Mystic Circle is next week, along with Witch Ball, by Kathleen Coddington. And Hot Under the Collar, by some author named Blu...

Took the two younglings home last night.

They didn't want to leave.

"Nooooo...I don't wanna see my mommy! I wanna stay with you!"

"We're going to eat at Burger King..."


And then it got comical.

"Aunt Molly, you passed it!"

"That's not the one where we're meeting your mommy."

"I don't care! I'm hungry!"

"Just a few more minutes..."

"Aunt Molly, there's ANOTHER one! You said we were going..."

"We have to go to the same one your mommy's driving to. Now sit back and relax!"

And when we finally got there...

They played. They dipped their chicken nuggets in ketchup. They shrieked happily when other children joined them. But when their mother showed up?

"Mommy...I don't wanna go home." (This after five minutes of hiding in the playscape.)

"Uncle Dan is at Mommy's house." (My hubby)

"YAY! Let's go!"

Woke up peaceful this morning. The house is semi-clean; we did a massive toy-pick-up before we left, and all I need to do is run the vacuum and do one last load of laundry. Lucky's still limping; we squeezed in a trip to the vet yesterday and am trying something new for her arthritis in her right front leg.

Thanks for the heartfelt prayers! Spoke to my mom yesterday afternoon and she sounded so much better! She may get released today or tomorrow:)


Phoenix said...

Good news about your mom!

jackie said...

We'll keep her in our prayers Molly. I know how it is.
Thanks for the loan this evening!