Thursday, July 17, 2008


Currently Reading: I'm up to chapter 3 of Brynn's Master Me, and loving it! But then again, I expected to, as I loved Ryan and Theo's stories! With the extra kids, I'm just not reading as much as I normally do...

Update on yesterday:
We did NOT go to the park and to DQ...heat index was 100, and everyone overslept, so we stayed in the A/C. BUT....Rainbow Beach offered a free swim from 5:30-8pm and FREE HOT DOGS, so after K got home from work, we donned our swim gear and went over.

The water was nice and warm, and not as packed as one would have expected. We had no trouble finding a parking place, and all 3 toddlers had a blast resuming their antics from Tuesday. And Bliss! All I had to do was stand in water up to my waist and make sure W didn't go over his head!

The neighbor girl was there with her parents, and offered her 'water wings' (she's in swim lessons and doesn't really need them) to Ms. Drama Queen, and they actually helped boost her confidence level somewhat. She wasn't constantly clinging to me; she was actually 'swimming' around.

Came home and ate supper (the kids scarfed down 1 free hot dog a piece and went back into the water at 7:30, and were still hungry an hour later), spoke to their mother, and passed out.

Forgot to Mention...
I've been so busy blogging (griping??) about the kids, I forgot to ask everyone to please keep my mother in your thoughts and prayers? My parents went to Michigan over the weekend, to attend a 50th anniversary party, and on the way home on Sunday, my mom started having trouble with her health.

Dad took her to the hospital, where she was admitted with pneumonia. The next day, it aggravated her atrial fibrulation, and they moved her to ICU. She's doing well; the pneumonia is almost gone, but they are having trouble getting her heart to slow down. They're trying a new medicine as of yesterday, and it seems to be doing its job. Dad thinks she'll be home by the end of the week, and that they are going to do a cardiac catheratization in the near future.

My own hubby goes into A-Fib every now and then, and they have to take him down and shock him (cardiac conversion) in order to get his pesky heart to behave. Fortunately, it has been behaving since 2005. But I know how painfull A-Fib can be on a person, so please keep her in your thoughts?

On the Schedule Today...
Doing laundry
Cleaning up the house
Driving the kids an hour north to meet their mom
Driving back home
Watching Swingtown(or at least DVR-ing it!)

My daughter asked me last night, "Isn't Big Brother on?"

I said, "Yes. I decided not to watch it this year."

They should be HAPPY I only hog the TV for an hour on Thursdays and for 4 hours on Saturday! I told her she could watch it, but she opted for Nickelodean instead.

Now the internet...that's a different story! More on this later.


Bronwyn Green said...

Keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted.

jackie said...

I will keep your mom in my prayers. You too, because of the long drive north! ICK,ACK, EWWWW!

Sandra Cox said...

Ooh, sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she is much much better soon.
Thursday night tv....sounds like Grey's Anatomy. I'll be turning it on soon:)

Unknown said...

I'll keep your mom in my prayers, too. I've had pneumonia twice now and it's not fun. One of my best friends is suffering from COPD which is also a lung ailment so please also keep her in your prayers.

You sound like me with the hubby and the TV, only with your kids. I have to fight to get an hour or two on Monday nights (Bachelorette) or an hour or two whenever American Idol is on. He gets the rest of the least on week and he complains about my couple of hours. At least on Thursday nights, we agree on the same one hour show - Smallville. Sometimes we'll watch Grey's Anatomy or House, but Smallville is the must watch for us, except it's in summer reruns right now so I'm in withdrawal.

Molly Daniels said...

Thank god for 2 TV's, ha ha:) Just got home and looked at the time...and toddler's settling down with a cartoon (he'll be out in minutes!) so I transfered the DVR to the downstairs set so I could check in.

COPD...I'll definitely keep her in my prayers. I watched a friend's mom die from lung cancer. Not pretty. Toward the end, we were in tears, begging God to just take her, and end the suffering.