Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Happenings

Currently Reading: Finished Conquest of a Fairy last night! Very interesting concept! Next up is Witch Ball, by Kathleen Coddington; Unexpected Encounter by Samantha Gentry, and either Gabriel's Horn by Tess MacKall or Mystic Circle by Bronwyn Green. It all depends on if I can find Tess's website. Dark Eden Press closed its doors; I'll have to Google her name to find the book!

Managed to get myself elected Policy Council secretary last night.

How? Why?

Very simple: The Chairman resigned; the Vice-chair moved into her slot. The secretary moved into the Vice-chair position.

Which left...ME:) I've only been on the board for 3 months now, and I'm still feeling my way. So when the Chair asked for the ayes, the person on my right said it. The Chair asked for nays...I drew laughs when I raised my hand and indicated the other four people across the table.

"How about any of you?"

"We can't...we're staff!"

Crap. But apparently all I have to do is intitial the Executive Board's monthly minutes and send them back. I think I can do that w/o any problems!

Overslept again. I'm seeing a pattern to my summer! Ah well...it's not like I HAVE to be anywhere these days! But still, it throws my entire day off. Take, for instance, right now. It's eleven o'clock; I'm just now posting, and will then make my bed and get in the shower. The baby is eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (he's like me...we don't wake up hungry), and so most likely he and I will both skip lunch today.

Rain is predicted...I was going to take my two boys to the county fair tonight for Bracelet Night on the Midway, but now Thursday looks to be a better choice. And the humidity is supposed to drop tomorrow andThursday! So tonight we'll stay home.

On Sale...Free!
VistaPrint sent me another fantastic sale...yay, rah. I wish they would offer more free pens than just ONE! And why only one pad of sticky notes or notepads? Yes, I'm a sucker for these things. Anytime I see them on display at fairs, I grab one. I use 'em for grocery lists, notes for the kids, and notes to myself. I've been told the ones I picked out with my name on it is pretty; I want MORE, so I can put them on my table for other paper addicts!

I confess...I don't buy the magnets. I bought the magnet kit at Lowes, and make my own. Some look more professional than others, I'll admit, but I'm getting better at lining up my business cards!

Ashley's pondering the promotion question on her blog today http://www.ashleyladd.blogspot.com/ Stop by and tell her what you think works, and what prompts you to buy other authors books? And drop by the Grip's site(http://www.ohgetagrip.blogspot.com/ ) to read a sample of something Kelly's working on.

In the meantime, I'll be trying to recapture my day!


barbara huffert said...

Yep, free stuff on the way here too. I did order some real post-its however. I'll send you some when they get here. That way you can save all your free ones for your signings.

Molly Daniels said...

I tried to order another pen, but daughter's laptop started beeping at me whenever I tried to check out (started complaining about pop-ups). So I'll have to wait until tomorrow, when the internet is back on the desk top!

Funny...it didn't complain about the notepad or the sticky notes...Go figure!