Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy Day Ahead

Currently Reading: Who's Your Daddy anthology (still!) and Endymion Spring. Will be purchasing Brynn's Master Me and Tribute to the Goddess, as well as Conquest of a Fairy, by Marie Haynes in the next day or so.

There are some days I agree with AJ about Mondays. Today is one of them!


With the extra kids in the house, and everything going on over the weekend with the spousal unit home, housework didn't even make the To-Do list until he threw a fit last night:

"Clean up this house, or I'm not coming home."

Hmmm...if memory serves me correctly, I believe the house WAS clean when he and the kids arrived Friday! But two extra children, plus two teens who chose to hang out at our house, plus rain equals tracked-in dirt; more toys scattered here and there; and two overnight cases with various clothing scattered.

For the record:
-I did 9 loads of laundry between Friday and Sunday.
-The kids did pick up their toys Saturday. Yesterday, they played outside.
-And when you have seven people spending the night in a two-bedroom house, yeah, it gets crowded at bedtime! The younglings are in S's bed; W sleeps either with his big brother or in his tiny, soon-to-be-outgrown pack-n-play; S is camping on the couch.

I will be returning the younglings on Thursday, and by Friday, everything will return to normal again!

On the agenda today:
-Making corrections to my manuscript
-Taking the younglings to see Grandma (we didn't make it yesterday)
-Fixing Sloppy Joe's for dinner
-Writer's Guild from 5-8; K will drop me off, and everyone will enjoy ice cream when they pick me up.
-Watching 'One Tree Hill', as they are showing the episode I missed last time around.
-Bedtime for the little ones; Mom will drink another glass of plonk before falling into bed.

And I also have to squeeze in another trip to the library to print out the critique pages. I didn't take enough money last night!

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