Thursday, July 10, 2008


Next E-books to buy: Boomerang Love, by Melissa Lopez; Who's Your Daddy anthology; and a Campus Cravings book by Carol Lynne. I might even catch up on Brynn's Cress series and buy Master Me, now that Josh's story is out! And, of course, Cindy's Dragon in the System.

Oldest son is having his tonsils out on July 30th. Note to self: Stock up on Edy's Dibs ice cream. Popcicles. Ice cream in general.

My flash drive is virus-free:) And they didn't charge me, so I found a CD I wanted; K drooled over the high-def TVs, and W wanted everything in sight.

Made a quick trip over to Borders; the Sony E-reader is a mere $300, and when I spoke to the Community Relations manager, she agreed to look at her calendar and set up a signing for me. I just heard from her; she offered me any weekend this month or early September. Stay tuned for when it's set in stone! Bought W a book while we were there, as well as 2 bars of 'Emergency Chocolate' for the drive home. Rocked out to various artists on the way home.

So I had a good day with my boys, and even treated them to lunch at Mickey D's. There was a huge playscape for W, and I'm surprised he didn't pass out on the way home.

Got home, and S's birthday gift had arrived! I'll wrap it and give it to her tomorrow when she arrives.

Plans tonight include fixing chicken and penne pasta for dinner, and trying to finish another chapter before 'Swingtown' is on at 10. Yes, I'm still watching it.

Vertically Challenged?
Kelly thinks I'm TALL? I guess if you consider 5'6 1/2" tall...but then again, I'm the short one in the family. No joke; I have concrete proof that in April, 1984, I was still taller than my younger sister. Eight months later, when I returned home after my first semester of college, my sister, then a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL, had shot up to 5'8". People at church would see us and ask her, "So how is college life treating you?"

Hello! Shorty here is the high school grad! She's just now getting into it! In fact, twenty-four years later, she's now pushing 6 feet! (Officially, she's 5' 11 15/16"! That's her story and she's sticking to it...)

Christmas '06 my oldest son was slightly taller than I was. This year, I can put my head on his shoulder without having to bend my head. And my 14-yr old is millimeters away from being taller.

At least I still have about 10-12 more years before W hits his teenage growth spurt!

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