Friday, July 11, 2008

They're Coming!

My honorary grandchildren are arriving tonight. A will soon be 7 and her brother J will soon be 6. They have the unusual distinction of being born on the same day, one year apart.

Why honorary? Their mom came in my hubby's life when she was a mere 18 months of age; her own mother was estranged from her family and chose to live with her new 'adopted' one. And since my hubby was around most of the time, he got to be honorary Dad or Uncle. And since having children of her own, and they lived with us for a year, I'm Aunt Mommy and he's Uncle Dad.

They haven't been here since Easter, and since they are both in school (A just finished her 1st year of kindergarten and J preschool), visits are becoming few and far between. But their mom needs a break; my oldest son 'pinky-promised' them he'd take them to the pool; and having them around will mean playmates for my youngest.

So I'll be ordering pizza tonight, after we get the house whipped into shape. Yes, since having my PC access again, I've sadly neglected the housework...and I predict it will continue to be neglectful, now that I can access my manuscripts again!

Dancer's Delight
I overslept this morning. Blame Anny Cook:)


I am rereading her fascinating story of Dancer and Eppie! And I've discovered details I missed the first couple of times I read it on the computer.

I now have a slightly better 'map' inside my head of Mystic Valley; I understand now how Dancer 'escaped' and found the valley; and for whatever reason, Llyon and Tyger's age is more clear. Apparently the first three times I read it on the PC, I skipped over several details and went right to the dialogue.

I wonder what else I've missed in other e-books? Or was this just an isolated incident, as this book was just one of the first ones I read?

When I get that elusive e-reader, I'll load my entire library of floppies and reread them all again. And after I finish with Dancer, I'll have to go back and reread Trav and Arano...

If you want a really cute story about life from a cat's point of view, pick up a copy of Sandra Cox's YA book, Shardai. I bought this for my daughter; it arrived yesterday and she's not home. So I read it and thoroughly enjoyed it! The sequel, Akasha, is out; I'll most likely get it in a couple of months. It was very well written, and I'll agree with one reviewer: You'll never look at cats the same again:)

Have a good weekend...Mother Nature's not cooperating this week. Today it's going to be scorching hot, but the kids aren't arriving until tonight. Rain's expected tomorrow, and the temps will be in the low 80's until the day they go back! Maybe on dollar day it will be hotter than expected, so they can have a great day at the pool?


anny cook said...

Heh. I'll be happy to take the blame, Molly. Glad you enjoyed it on the third time around--again.

jackie said...

enjoy the kids, can't believe their that old, last time they were here they were babies! BTW..S read the blog and Was VERY motivated to rejoin her original family!

Hey I want to be Aunt Mommy!

Sandra Cox said...

Thank you for the honorable mention, Molly, that was so nice of you. Glad you enjoyed Shardai:)