Friday, July 25, 2008

Prognosis: Excellent!

Currently Reading: Am buying books today! Check back this weekend or Monday to see how I liked them!

Guess what? If you put gas in the vehicle, it actually moves forward at the speed you want!

K came home yesterday, convinced there was 'something wrong with the van.'

"I can't go faster than 20 mph, Mom!"

Instantly, I thought the fuel pump had croaked again. He thought it was the crank shaft.

An hour later, I had to pick up S from an overnight with one of her bff's. I sent W to the neighbor's, explaining that if the van quit, I didn't want to have him with me, should we have to walk.

Got in the van; it ran fine. According to my Fuel Usage thingy (the gas gauge is broken, so I keep track via the digital read out above the rearview mirror...and when I gas up, I note the gallons I put in and calculate how many is in the tank. Confusing, but it's nearly $1000 to fix the sensor!), there was only 2 gallons of gas left in the tank. So I added 7 more, gasping that it was now $3.95 per gallon! Wow...finally below $4...(now keep dropping...and least $3 more....)

I had no problems. After picking up S, we returned home and collected K and W, along with two of his friends, and went to the fair. We noted where we came in, and I informed the teens that we were meeting back at that spot at 10pm.

And you know what? It's a little fair. S stayed with me as W rode the rides, and occassionally her older brother consented to have her along with his group. We basically followed each other around the midway for two hours.

But at 9:30, the teens disappeared. S had gotten bored and went to Jackie's house; I had taken W to the bathroom, and let him ride the kiddie coaster 4 times. I looked at my watch and I coaxed my angry toddler away from the rides.

Fortunately, he's got a short attention span, and was soon happily playing on the John Deere displays while we waited for the others. I waited twenty minutes, and then started walking back toward the entrance to the midway, praying for a K sighting.

And it was granted. He was happy to see I wasn't too upset, and after a quick search for his friends, they were located getting off the Gravitron, and we all headed home after stopping to pick up S.

So a good evening was had by all, though I did take some ribbing when I brought the unbrella with me. It was sprinkling when we left home, and Murphy's Law seems to apply in these cases, so my reasoning was, if I take it, it WON'T RAIN!

And I'm happy to note that I was right.

Still can't get AOL to let me into my mail. I'm going to hook up the laptop in a few minutes and see if it will behave for me.

And hopefully plans are still on for the trip to Morgan County on Sunday!

Kelly's asked a thought-provoking question. Check it out for yourself and ask yourself, what would You do? Me, I'm still wondering.


Kelly Kirch said...

Thanks for the mention. :)

Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't need gasoline anymore? Although I suspect it wouldn't be long before an alternate energy (even if it were renewable) would generate a price increase just because of greedy company owners.

Regina Carlysle said...

SOunds like a crazy day. Some are like that and they're always memorable. BTW...Are you a human taxi? LOL

Molly Daniels said...

Sometimes I feel like it:)