Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Sore!

Took the kids to the pool for Dollar Day. And got an eye-opener!

I'd pictured myself standing quietly in the shallow end, occassionally dipping myself up to the shoulders, and keeping a watchful eye as the kids (ages 6, 5, and 4) jumped off the sides, played happily together, and watching them interact with other kids.

Yeah. Maybe in FANTASYLAND???

Reality: I was an active participant as I struggled to show Ms. Drama Queen she wasn't going to sink if Aunt Mommy supported her body while she a) floated on her back or b) tried to move her arms and legs at the same time.

She'd kick, but if I started to move forward, she'd grab my arms. And when instructed to move her arms, she'd quit kicking. And the child weighs more than your average kindergartner, so I couldn't pick her up above the waterline.

Had the same problem with Mr. Energy. He only wanted to 'walk-swim' other words, his feet weren't going off the pool floor unless he had the float ring securely around his waist.

And the 4-yr-old? He wanted to be out in the 'deep water' with the rest of us (14-yr-old S was with us) and wanted to jump into waiting arms. A couple of times, I wasn't ready, and he went in over his head, but I was able to quickly grab him. After the second time, I issued the warning that if any of the three jumped in beyond a certain area (marked by a colorful beachtowel), we were leaving immediately. Not surprisingly, the three younglings obeyed, and no one was in any further danger of jumping in over their heads.

So this morning, my arms are sore from being outstretched for 3 hours; my legs are sore because we did some water aerobics; and my shoulders are slightly sunburned. Seems Mom put sunscreen on everyone except herself!

And after a hearty supper and playing outside with the girl down the block, we all took a stroll around the block (2 were on bikes, one was running) and came in for some ice cream.

The kids passed out with no problems.

Today we may go to the park, and hit Dairy Queen for a cool snack. It all depends on how hot it gets outside.


Bronwyn's Blog said...

Public pool? Many small children? Only adult? You should get an award.

Anny Cook said...

Oooooh. Dairy Queeeeeen. Dilly Bars! Haven't had one of those in about three years!

Molly Daniels said...

You know what's really sad? I was returning to the pool area and suddenly saw the lifeguard blow his whistle and dive in...right where we had been before the trip to the bathroom. I knew S was responsible enough to watch 1 child (I had the other 2), and was relieved when they paddled toward me. S said another kid had gone under; she noticied him seconds before the lifeguard did, but was busy with Ms Drama Queen. She said there were three adults near him, yet none them tried to help the kid until the lifeguard rescued him. What's wrong with people? Just because the kid's not theirs doesn't give you them the right to let the kid drown!