Friday, July 4, 2008

Climbing on the Soap Box

Woo Hoo! Finished the story I was working on! Right now it's 6,693 words, but I can keep going if it's too short. No sex until chapter 2, so probably won't qualify for EC. Any suggestions? Not bad for a lazy 4th of July! Can't finish the ones I need to finish, but I can write something new. Go figure...I'm off to go buy some plonk to celebrate:)

Warning: The following contains strong Christian themes. I'm not trying to offend anyone; I just found yesterday's devotional too good to not post.

Yesterday's In Touch topic was titled, A Civic Responsibility. And yes, it ties in with today's culture. Here's the condensed version:

Matthew 5:15 says, "I will take vengeance in anger and wrath upon the nations that have not obeyed me."

Our Heavenly Father has given us a clear indication of what will happen if we don't pay attention and keep his commandments. Yet, we have pushed God out of the schools, removed the Bible and prayer from govornment meetings, and making laws that defy divine commands. Sadly, godless ways are making huge inroads in our country, and many Christians don't fight this trend.

We strive to be 'sensitive' and 'tolerant' to other's beliefs. But when does tolerance include pushing our own basic beliefs aside in order to accommodate others? This country was founded upon basic Biblical principals. But sadly, we're letting the Bible become 'just another book', and even some ministers out there do not even acknowledge Christ as the Messiah! It's happened in my home church; there was a vote to split the affiliation from the churches who were led by timid preachers too afraid of offending anyone from the pulpit. How are we going to 'build a fire' in new Christians' hearts, to inspire a desire to know Him, if we send the message that Jesus 'may be' the Savior of the world? You either believe or you do not; there is no middle ground.

Psalm 33:12 also says, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."

Clearly, the Lord will punish the nations who disobey Him or follow other gods. This truth should not make believers fear. Rather, it must prompt us to take a stand for what is right. We have serious responsibilities as both citizens and Christians. Pray that the people will elect leaders who follow His statutes. And then explore your sphere of influence; what can you do to impact people in your daily lives and exemplify Christ in our country?
-Rev Charles Stanley, editor of InTouch devotions

And before you ask, 'But write books that don't necessarily agree with your biblical principal..." and call me a hypocrite, you're right. I don't write Christian romances. But I do try to write stories that provide entertainment, and as we all know, I'm not perfect. My characters do not necessarily reflect my beliefs. My creativity has taken me out of my comfort zone at times, and I've tried to project a tolerant voice in those books.

Just because I write it doesn't mean I practice it.

And even more important: Let's not destroy what our forefathers worked so hard to attain? Freedom.

More on this later; I'm stepping down now. Happy birthday America and God Bless the USA!

In other news
I got inspired this morning. I wrote six pages on that latest idea of mine, and I rather like where it's going.

My mom also told me that my childhood 4th of July concert no longer exists! We used to look forward to the Symphony concert, always concluding with the 1812 Overture, complete with cannon fire. A great way to stir up patriotism! So is 'Stars and Stripes Forever' fact, I can even remember some of the flag choreography I performed in high school at the parade. I also remeber the dance moves to 'Get Away' and 'Tuxedo Junction', but that's another blog topic! I've been told that Connor Prairie may have my beloved 1812 Overture and cannons; I may just have to drag everyone up there one year!

It looks as if the rain will be moving out before fireworks time. Sorry Barb; I think it's headed your way! Or maybe it's heading south?


jackie said...

so how was the rest of the party? What time did everyone quiet down/

Molly Daniels said...

She loved her presents; cake, frosted cookie, and ice cream was consumed. K and W were watching the fireworks outside; S's friend arrived with a movie and they stayed in the basement until ??. I worked until midnight; went to bed and read until 1 am. W passed out on the couch at midnight; K spent the night in a tent with his buddies. Don't know when D came to bed!

barbara huffert said...

Yep, the rain is here.

I'm not much for organized religion but I have to agree with you. Tolerance at the expense of your own beliefs seems wrong. Shouldn't tolerance mean we all blend together neutrally?

Unknown said...

Molly, if you don't think the story would be right for EC, try TEB ( They also accept short, sexy stories.

Congrats on writing so much. I wrote about 3,000 words today myself. I hope to write a lot more tomorrow and Sunday.

Unknown said...

You used the word 'plonk' I'm so proud

Phoenix said...

I need 6 pages too. Can you pass on whatever it is you took?

Molly Daniels said...

Apparently it was either the personal attention I got from hubby, or his paycheck:)

Molly Daniels said...

Or that chocolate martini I drank at Applebees...