Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday News

First of all, the computer gods are giving me a break. We brought the extra keyboard up from the basement, and I'm happy to say that everything is running smoothly this morning, except, of course, for the same pesky problem with AOL. But that's okay; nothing pressing to be read this morning. I'll fire up the laptop later this afternoon and check it.

Surgery Today
K is having his tonsils and adenoids removed today. I fixed him a delicious pork loin meal last night, as he won't be able to swallow chunks of meat for a few days. We've also stocked up on popcicles and ice cream. And thankfully, his job at the potato farm is finished, and things look good, should he want to work again next ye ar. So he's going to relax, recupperate, and maybe go spend some time with his grandmother next week.

I finished it!
I wasn't happy with a short story I had written in May; it fits the criteria for the submission, except for one of the chapters has the heroine interacting with her potential step-children. And then, if you'll remember, I started typing my fingers off on the 4th of July? Well thanks to the Novel Sisterhood challenge (writing 500 words per day), I finished it yesterday afternoon! Of course, it also helped that K was at work, and Jackie 'kidnapped' S and W around 9 am! I had a fantastic day...I spent the morning cleaning up the living room, and went downstairs to scrub the shower thoroughly. Around 1, I turned on my Bon Jovi 'Lost Highway' CD and by 4:30, finally typed 'The End' and checked the word count: 10,544! Quite a difference from the other wip, where I had to TRIM 1000 words to get it under the word limit!

I rechecked the submission guidelines, and I can submit both. I just hope one will get accepted!

Today, I'll be writing the blurb and synopsis for both stories, while my oldest baby is undergoing surgery. I won't be able to access the internet, but I can take the laptop with me and write.

Single Men and Reality TV
From the responses I've gotten, I may simply have to go with Survivor for my story, or the 'Dancing with the Stars' one. I'll continue to ask guys I know or meet; or if anyone out there has any ideas for a reality show a man WOULD watch, let me know. If you want, I'll find a way to work your name into the book, or simply acknowledge you at the beginning when I finish it.

I'll check in again later today; I've got roughly two hours to read my friends' blogs, shower, get dressed, and go to the hospital. Oh yeah. And make sure K doesn't eat or drink anything...


Ashley Ladd said...

I'm glad K is doing well.

What about "Fear Factor" where people do gross and dangerous stuff for money? Hubby loves that one. All my men seem to think that one's pretty cool.

Hubby also likes the reality show where contestants have to sing the right words to the song. I can't think of the name.

There's another one that men might like - "I Survived A Japanese Game Show". That looks pretty weird so a man might like it.

Good luck with this.

jackie said...

think of a game show for guys...
think of a reality game show involving girls...mudwrestling...then regular wrestling. and don't guys like that American Gladiator show?
I was glad to hear K is ok.

Anonymous said...

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