Monday, July 21, 2008


Currently Reading: Finished BB Walter's Sister Light, and....thank god it's a series. I have no idea how these characters are going to tie together, so I'll have to read the second one when it comes out. It was a page-turner, and kept me wondering about the characters, but confusing at times. Just got word that a reviewer gave it 5 stars, so congrats BB! I'll be picking your brain in two weeks for a better understanding! This was definitely my last print book in my home...didn't buy any books over the weekend. Bad Molly....I was right there!

E-Book: Conquest of a Fairy is up next...if I get time to read today. Okay, who am I kidding? I'll find time to squeeze in a chapter or two...

Did I mention my oldest son has a job?

He's working for a potato farmer, and has been 'communing with nature' for the past week.


In addition to sorting potatoes as they come down the conveyor belt, there have also been a few undesirable critters in the truck.

His second day on the job, the digger apparently picked up a live skunk, which did not appreciate being tossed rudely into the truck. Fortunately, it did NOT make the trip down the conveyor belt! Someone else stabbed it with a pitchfork and tossed it away.

The live bird, a momma who was still laying eggs as she traveled past, was also not pleased by her unexpected trip, and hissed at the hands trying to relocate her.

Yesterday, they had a snake and a frog.

Wonder what they will encounter today?

Needless to say, my son has a new appreciation for french fries, and the work that goes into making them now!

Busy Day Ahead...
Dusting. I've not done this in a couple of weeks.
Laundry: Apparently, I missed K's dirty clothes, and he was not at all happy with me this morning!
Policy Council meeting tonight. Means I'll be fixing a Taco Ring around 4:30, so I can grab a bite and head out the door at 5:30.
And at 7, I'll drop off K at BSA, and go join my fellow writers for an hour...or K will drop ME off first, ensuring ice cream for all at 8pm!


Regina Carlysle said...

A SKUNK???? OMG. It's good for kids to work. They sure get an appreciation for things in a hurry. Just finished dusting too. I put it off Sooooo long and I had cobwebs. Now it's time for a break and then off to do the floors.

Kelly Kirch said...

They STABBED? the skunk?!?! ACK! I'm going into mourning now.

Molly Daniels said...

Teenagers...panicked teenager...

barbara huffert said...
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Ashley Ladd said...

What a job. At least they aren't deadly critters like tarantulas. When my f-i-l worked in produce and had to unload bananas he had to deal with tarantulas a lot. (shiver)

Poor skunk.

Molly Daniels said...

No spiders yesterday. Just another bird and skunk. Did not ask details this time!

BB Walter said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Molly. Happy to let you pick my brain about the storyline in a couple of weeks! *smile* You know I couldn't make it easy for you to figure out how all the pieces go together!! *laugh* I'm working on reading yours now, but it's slow going (not because of your writing) because of my review/writing schedule. Looking forward to the festival. Talk soon.
BB Walter