Monday, July 28, 2008

Just a Thought...

What types of reality shows do single guys watch?


Big Brother?

Biggest Loser?

Temptation Island? (Yeah, I know it's been off the air for a while!)

Beauty and the Geek?

Shot at Love?

Pussycat Dolls?

American Idol?

America's Got Talent?

Any thoughts? I've got a new wip in the works, and the guys are watching a show. I want to make sure it's believable what they're watching.


Unknown said...

Well, I can tell you what my married hubby and my 13 year old son watch. I don't think my adult sons watch any reality shows.

Survivor? yes, the hubby likes this one (but I hate it)

Beauty and the Geek? the 13 year old (boy) loves this show

American Idol? I only know women who watch this one - my fav

America's Got Talent? the hubby likes this one a lot

Phoenix said...

Other than Baywatch with I think isn't out anymore, I can't think of any tv program they'd admit to. I don't think a guy would be caught dead watching a reality show. Football, Hockey, sure... but not reality tv.

Phoenix said...

Oh wait, maybe "So you think you can Dance" because of the cool dance moves in the contemporary dance routines.

Molly Daniels said...

That's a good idea; I'll keep the question up for a couple of days; maybe other thoughts will show up:)