Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm having another fight with the electronics in my home. I swear, they're ganging up on me!

K left the ethernet cord in the laptop. Fine; I'm slowly getting used to it. I booted it up while I was finishing up some chores; came back and expected everything to be loaded.

Wrong! The curser's locked up, and suddenly a screen pops up which states Windows has detected an unexpected error and is shutting down. Pop! The screen goes black. So I shut the thing off; waited 5 minutes and tried again. Success....until I typed in AOL. It very nicely showed me who I had mail from in the preview section...but wouldn't let me access it. And then the internet froze again. I couldn't even exit the program!

So, being the impatient internet user that I am, I shut it down manually, switched the yellow ethernet cord back to my (cough) trusty desktop, and turned it on. Now this machine habitually takes 15 minutes or so to load, so I went off and did my own thing. Came back and everything is working the way its supposed to.

Except for AOL! Once again, I can preview my mail; I just can't access it! Is anyone else having this problem? Is it system-wide, or is it just my connection? I had the same problem yesterday, except I WAS able to access it from the laptop!

Fortunately, there is no pressing mail to be read in it at the moment. Just some jumk mail and a couple of forwards by a friend of mine. But I am anxiously waiting for word of a submission, and I did request it be sent to my AOL account. So I hope the problem clears up soon...I don't want to see the email addy in my preview box and unable to see if I've been accepted or rejected! I may just have to drop my toddler at the neighbor's house and run out to the reliable computers at the library!

On a More Positive Note
Am taking the kids to the county fair tonight. It's Bracelet Night on the Midway, which means Mom shells out $15 per kid and turn them (teenagers) loose while I take the toddler around to the kiddie rides. We'll be eating Fair Food tonight, which means hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy, elephant ears, and whatever else catches our taste buds. If Jackie's feeling better, she's going with us, which means I'll have company while I snap pictures of my little guy, now that he's old enough to enjoy the rides! He was a little shy last year, although we did get him on the merry-go-round.
Update: K came home from work with the news the van refuses to go faster than 20 mph...unless I get behind the wheel and it cooperates, we're staying home. And he doesn't have to work tomorrow...but this also means plans are off for the trip to Morgan County. CRAP! I'd say something else, but my daughter and her friends read this.

New Creamer Flavor: Verdict is Undecided...
I ran out of my Irish Cream flavor yesterday morning, and made a mad dash to Walmart last night. They were completely out of it, as well as the French Vanilla flavor, so I grabbed a small bottle of White Chocolate Mudslide. It was good, but one cup was enough for me this morning. And W seems to enjoy it, but either hasn't noticed the flavor change or isn't awake enough yet. Will I buy it again? Probably not, unless all other flavors are missing from the dairy shelves again.

Sometimes I keep a small jar of the powdered creamer in the refrigerator, for emergencies. The problem is, I forget to restock it. It's okay; I'm not addicted to my coffee. It's just nice to enjoy a cup every morning, but no big loss if I have to skip it.

Yay! One more day until I can buy more books...anyone else feel this way about Thursdays?


Phoenix said...

I haven't tried that flavor. I'm a french vanilla or hazelnut cream girl IF I buy them at all. But typically Scott laughs at me if I do and I get sick of the snarky comments. I NEVER back down from half and half if I'm doing the shopping though.

Regina Carlysle said...

Mmm. Creme Brulee. I love that one. Dee-lish.

barbara huffert said...

What's an elephant ear? Do they have another name?

Molly Daniels said...

Picture a large, flat doughnut, covered in sugar and cinnamon. It's as big as 'an elephant's ear':) A fair must-eat with my kids, along with corn dogs, Lemon Shakeups, and ice cream. More later...we were able to make it last night!