Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Anniversary, of Sorts...

Currently Reading: Read Unexpected Encounter by Samantha Gentry last night, and boy is it good! I'm putting her two others on my list as well. Friday, I'll order the other books mentioned yesterday.

Tomorrow is a special day.

No, it isn't a birthday, or wedding anniversary.

It's the day I decided to try my hand at regular blogging.

I was hit and miss through May and June, and in the first part of July. In fact, some of my earlier posts were simply my reactions to other bloggers out there, that I was too shy to comment on their blogs.

So I took a different approach.

I'd write my own opinion on their topic, and after several days/weeks of reading, I contacted the authors by email.

Of course, I wasn't with Blogger yet; I posted my thoughts on my 'Notes' page of my website.

I've somewhat abandoned that page now; it isn't getting the traffic, and copying and pasting can be a royal pain. I don't think Citymax likes that feature! And there's a delay when I try to write on it. I'm a person who likes to see the words immediately; not wait 5 seconds to see if I've hit a typo!

Right now the only page I regualarly update is the front page and my 'Books' page. On my business cards, I list the website; there's a link on the front page if anyone is interested in going to this site.

I'm lax about my MySpace blog as well. Once in a great while I'll post a bulletin, and even copy my regular post if it happens to contain publishing news or other book info.

In person, I'm kinda shy, especially in a group setting. But if I'm meeting one of my blogmates, I'm a very friendly person, especially since I feel we've already known each other for a year!

And from what others have been blogging about lately, I'm living in the wrong state. The Michigan authors have been getting together more often!

There's a thought...if and when I get to do that Ft. Wayne signing, do ya think they'd consider coming down for the day? How long does it take to drive to Detroit from Ft. Wayne anyway???

Have a good day!


Sandra Cox said...

Have fun with the regular blogging.
Enjoy your evening.

Ashley Ladd said...

Happy anniversary.

Michigan isn't that far from Indiana, in particular not as far as it is from South Florida. I'm practically across the country from you guys.

Anny Cook said...

Happy Anniversary. I'm with Ashley... Baltimore is MUCH farther away.