Monday, July 28, 2008

Getting off to a Slow Start...

E-book Update: I tried to order Witch Ball, but the PC locked up on me at the final order stage, so I was unable to complete the order process. I'll try again this afternoon.

1 Hour Later: Success! Both Gabriel's Gun and Witch Ball safely on my hard drive!

I'm fighting with my electronics again.

What started out to be a quick, 1-hour, check-the-email-and-read-the-blogs has turned into a 3 hour mess! I tried to wake up the desktop. It rebelled, so I shut it down. Poured myself another cup of coffee and went to make the bed.

Fifteen minutes later (no, it doesn't take that long to make my bed; that's how long it typically takes for my PC to quit loading), I sat down and clicked on my internet button. A news blurb on the morning news caught my ears, so I got up to watch it. A few minutes later, I was back at my desk, expecting to see the sign-on screen.


I double-clicked again. Nothing.

I right-clicked; same thing. I went to the start menu and clicked on it there. Nada.

Okay, now I'm getting irritated. So I unplugged my DSL line and shoved it into the laptop, and fired it up. Logged in my daughter's password and went to change the channel on the TV.

Came back and there's an IM from one of her friends. I wrote back, saying I would have my daughter call her, and typed in my AOL addy. I deleted some junk, and went to compose. Wrote a letter to a friend...and the curser locked up. I waited five minutes; problem did not clear. I hit CNTRL-ALT-DLT...nothing. Now I'm getting pissed. I shut down the laptop manually.

Guess what's on my desktop screen? The sign-on screen! Well too damn bad, because to hook it back up to the internet requires rebooting the system. And the laptop is faster.

So another five minutes go by. I feed and water the dog, and give my now-awake toddler his breakfast. I reboot the laptop. Success! It's now nearly noon; I'm still in my pj's; but my important mail is taken care of; I've visited my friends' blogs; and I'm posting my own.

Hopefully the rest of the day won't be as 'pukable' as my morning!

Oh-oh...the rats are complaining. Guess I'd better feed and water them as well!


Bronwyn Green said...

I hate it when electronics are pissy.

Anny Cook said...

Glad you worked it all out. Fussy electronics just bug ya!

Phoenix said...

Me too. Bummer, that.

Molly Daniels said...

At least I don't have to trek clear to the library:) That's the one good thing about S having a laptop...and that she lets her old mom use it too !

barbara huffert said...

You have to talk very sweetly to electronics...then they play nice.

Regina Carlysle said...

Ummmm. This IS MOnday, isn't it???? ARGH!!! I didn't get out of my PJ's until three p.m. The phone rang repeatedly, DH came home for lunch, people dropped by and everyone got a chance to see what I look like with no make up and sweaty from housecleaning. I've come to the conclusion some days are just like this!

Hurry, Tuesday!!!!!