Sunday, August 24, 2008


Currently Reading: This week's E-books include Claire Thomson's Odd Man Out and Amanda Sidhe's Her Most Dangerous Promise. I also have Kaenar Langford's Absolute Trust, but can't find it on the EC site. Maybe it's not out yet?

I also purchased Cindy Spencer Pape's Stone and Earth! Finally:)

Forgive my temper tantrum. My van's fuel pump died again yesterday. The good news? It was in front of the house, instead of up in Morgan County. The bad news? Some worker gave us misinformation two years ago.

We were led to believe the warrenty on the thing was only 90 days, so when it started to go bad around day #90, we babied it, to make it last as long as it would. Imagine hubby's surprise when told yesterday, "No; the warrenty's always a year on those."

Head slap. We could have put a new one in, free of charge, and maybe we wouldn't HAVE this problem now!

Sigh. Live and learn. Always double-check the warrenty info. So I'm without wheels for another week. We only have enough for half of the cost; the rest will be paid out of next week's check.

Thank God my next signing isn't until Sept. 5th!

Olympic Update: Men's Marathon: Kenya won for the first time! Morrocco took the silver, and Ethiopia the bronze.

Men's Platform Diving: In a miraculous last-round dive, Australian Matthew Mitcham dived into first place! I don't know if China's lead diver thought he was so far ahead he couldn't be caught, or if he choked (after all, the 'weight of China' was on his shoulders for a sweep in the diving competition!). But whatever the cause, he had a horrible last round dive and Matt was perfect. USA ended up in 10th and 12th.

And in the Women's 4x400 relay, USA outran Russia to win the gold. Russia took the silver, and Jamaica the bronze.

Tonight is the closing ceremonies, and the issue with the Chinese gymanstics ages have yet to be resolved. Let's hope there is no controversy in the 2012 London Olympics! But then again, it gives us something to talk about, doesn't it?

Just like the Russian gymnasts in 2000 Sydney (the vault turned out to be incorrectly set, and instead of taking gold, the Russians ended with the silver. I always thought that they should have been allowed to re-vault after it was raised to the correct height!); the French judge in the Winter games (Barcelona??) during the Pairs Figure Skating; and all of the athletes hiding steroid use, and coming clean later. There will always be speculation and controversy over who is the greatest athlete.

At least every two years, the nations of the world put aside the political problems and come together in sportsmanship. And I hope things will work out so we can attend the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver; my oldest will be graduating that year, and we can visit my sister's family at the same time.


barbara huffert said...

Your sister is near enough Vancouver to go to some events? Any room for a stowaway?

Unknown said...

Hugs, Molly. Hope you can get the van fixed soon.

There's already a controversy with the London Olympics. My hubby's already pissed, and probably the whole softball world, that it won't be part of the London Olympics. According to hubby, it's because England refuses to build a softball field. I mean, he's really really pissed.

Molly Daniels said...

Oh! I'd already forgotten about that! Baseball, too, is about to get the ax. That's a shame.

Sure, Barb, the more the merrier! Not sure what part of Vancouver's going to have the events, but she doesn't live too far from downtown; at least I don't THINK she does...haven't been to her new place yet, obviously. I'd be thrilled to just go through the Olympic Village and maybe check out some INDOOR events. I'll watch skiing, luge, and bobsled from the TV:)

Phoenix said...

Hey Molly, I'd probably be kicking the van about now. That or the dh. Can you trade one of them in. *snark*

Good luck.

Molly Daniels said...

LOL:) We blamed the van on S; she went out to start it and nothing happened. It had worked fine two hours earlier when K drove it!

Carol Preflatish said...

I can relate to the fuel pump issue. Mine went out on me, coincidentally, in Morgan County last June. Must be something about that county.