Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is It Wednesday Already?

Currently Reading: Finished Sandeflay last night! WOW! I correctly guessed a certain detail, but was wrong on another, and another detail in the ending surprised me. Well done, Linda! My PC is not letting me access my AOL mail; I tried 3 times to email you personally. I'll try again this afternoon. Yes, this book is long, but it is WORTH IT! Very well thought out, and you can buy it through Whisky Creek Press, or Linda's website, (I hope I have that right!) Next up: Still reading Reckless (I'm up to chapter 4) and One Touch Beyond.

I lost a day. That's what happens when you're too sensitive to medication! What happened to Tuesday? Oh yeah...I was in a fog all day. Felt like I was sleepwalking until around 7pm when the Tylenol PM wore off. Note to self: Take this medicine 18 hours in advance. In other words, if I need to take it tonight, take it around 6pm so I can FUNCTION tomorrow!

Woo hoo! Got my BMG music that I'd ordered...Fall Out Boy, 2 Bryan Adams CD's, Carman's Greatest Hits, and a 3-disk Kiss GH that had....(drum roll please!) BOTH Reason to Live and Forever on it! And they're both on disk #2! My day just got a whole lot better...I've been looking for a CD with Reason to Live on it. My favorite of all the Kiss songs!

Now...where's my Bound Brits from Amazon? I just ordered BMG last week. And it's been nearly 3 for Amazon...

Olympic Update: Sunday night, China won the women's Springboard Diving. USA finished 8th and 9th. Russia took the silver and China the bronze, just edging out Canada for a medal. In gymnastics Individual: Men's Floor and Pommel Horse went to China. Team USA's Sasha fell off the pommel, destroying any thoughts he had of medalling. Women's Floor went to Romania, while Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin ended with silver and bronze. Vault was controversial: China's darling, Chung Fei FELL on her landing, yet scored high enough to knock USA's Alicia out of medal contention? Bela was furious. He kept saying it was unforgivable. But kudos to the German vaulter! She is 33(??) years old and won the silver!

Will be watching Monday's Olympics today. Sorry if this is old news to everyone; that's what happens when LIFE steps in.


barbara huffert said...

I had to sleep last night so I missed all that. The Olympics on the radio just aren't the same.

Unknown said...

meds do that sometimes. When we're ill, we need sleep. Rest up.

Linda Mooney said...

Oh, WOW! That was so sweet of you, Molly! I've never had someone who's won one of my book do a review of it. Thank you! :D