Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Semi-Flawless Morning

Currently Reading: Finished Marriage Plot last night! Very well done! I loved the plot, and am now wondering who Kelly's going to introduce as Marie's love interest. A certain Lord who's taken an interest in a certain orphan? Or someone else? I also enjoyed Puck, and hope to see more of him! Why can't he have his own book, Kell? I love his personality! And will Ester and Marcus return in the 3rd book???

Next up: I won Linda Mooney's Sandeflay. I'll get to it either later today or tomorrow. And will probably purchase One Touch Beyond tomorrow.

I sent everyone, including myself, to bed at 9:30 last night, and for the most part getting up and out of the house on time went smoothly.

S 'crashed' at 9; she's my night owl, who prefers to sleep twelve hours. So when she still wasn't up by seven (compared to bouncing out of bed at 6am yesterday!), I turned on her light; I pulled the covers off of her; I got loud and bugged her every five minutes. As a result, she was up and dressed by 7:30, all but getting some breakfast into her.

K, in contrast, is my early bird/self-starter. He made arrangements to pick up one of his friends, and left the house shortly after 7am.

Despite going to bed early, I had one of those hot/cold nights where you wake up cold, but after piling on the blankets, you're sweating so badly you toss them off again? The alarm went off at 6; I continued to hit the snooze button, thinking, "I'll get up after I get warm again." Uh-uh. Didn't work. Finally when K came in and said, ''s almost seven..." did I drag my protesting, chilly body out of bed and wrapped up in my fleece robe.

And promptly found out K had not turned on the coffee pot.

Proof I'm not a morning person: I pulled out a coffee cup, dumped one packet of Sweet-N-Low into it, and measured my creamer into the cup. Next, I picked up the coffee pot and...oh, wait. It's not hot, and it's rather lightweight! DUH! It was never turned on! The fact that the light wasn't on should have been the first clue. But no...

So I proceeded to wake up the toddler, get him dressed, all the while I'm also doing the 'bad mommy' routine with S, until the coffee finished perking and I could settle down and enjoy a cup.

K arrived with his friend at 7:20; the girl down the street walked over; S came out of the basement and fixed her bowl of cereal; I threw on a pair of jeans, sweatshirt, and shoes; the teens, toddler, and I walked out the door at 7:32 and I drove to the high school. Came back fifteen minutes later and honked for S, who promptly came out and we headed for her school. Toddler and I arrived home shortly afterwards, and I was able to enjoy a second cup of coffee during my Quiet Time.

Let's hope the rest of the day goes smoothly; I'm babysitting a 4-month old later today for a few hours.

Olympic Update: Watched Michael Phelps win the gold in his 100 Butterfly; Men's beach volleyball beat Argentina; and in Synchronized Platform Diving, the Chinese took the gold easily, and the Australians won the silver! Mexico edged out Team USA for the bronze; it's the first medal EVER for the Mexicans in this event! I haven't watched it yet, but according to the news, Michael Phelps competed in the 4x100 Free relay, and at the finish he was 4 seconds ahead of everyone! Can't wait to see that later today...and apparently there were some problems with Team USA in the Women's Gymnastics...Alicia fell off the balance beam at the beginning of her routine, and China won the gold. USA settled for the silver, and I'm not sure who won the bronze. Again, after I watch it, I'll know. I was thrilled to watch the Men's Gymnastics....we had a few problems on the floor exercise, and the commentaters found fault with the high bar, parallel bars, and even the pommel horse, but other than Kevin's wobble on the pommel, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. ARRGGHH! Just watched it, and my DVR QUIT after Alicia's floor routine!! Another reason to hook up the VCR...


Unknown said...

I've never been a morning person, either. My hubby says I'm like Garfield the Cat - I don't do mornings. He even got me the t-shirt.

My kids don't go back to school till next Monday - the 18th.

Molly Daniels said...

Hahaha...I once had a sleep shirt that said 'Avoid the morning rush...Sleep til noon!'