Friday, August 8, 2008

I Can SEE!

Currently Reading: Am up to chapter 14 on MTW! Was a little busy yesterday. If I don't get it finished today (I'm on page 107 out of 220), then I'll finish it over the weekend. I've also been rereading Marriage Mart, and am halfway through it. Don't worry; I'm leaving it here for Mom!

My eyes work again!

For the past two years, the anti-glare coating on my glasses has been slowly peeling off, causing me difficulties in the vision area. And toss in no vision insurance, a hubby who hates to shell out money for anything other than 'essentials' (like your wife's vision isn't important???), and my own phobia of anyone messing with my eyes, and yup, you guessed it...I don't get to the eye doctor much.

In fact, in the 17 years we've been married, I've only gone 4 times.

The first was when my glasses BROKE when I was pregnant with K. I was working on his baby quilt, when all of a sudden, my lens popped out. And when I tried to put it back in, the frame was cracked in two. So off I went, and was able to get an inexpensive frame to fit my lenses.

Two years later, while riding in the car with hubby, he was appalled when I tried to read a road sign and couldn't read it until we were practically on top of it. It had been 4 years since I'd had an exam; he told me to go, and I did. And then listened to him rage about the cost for the next month.

Fast-forward to 2004. I'm having trouble driving at night; when I look at the TV, the characters had no faces. I could barely see the clock across the room. Hubby's union sent a flyer that states a discount on eye exams and glasses. I went....and found out I was borderline needing bifocals. I probably wouldn't need them, but I would in a few years. I told them to go a head and give them to me anyway, since my eyes weren't a priority for my husband's wallet. And sure enough, I had to get them in two payment installments, since they hadn't fallen under the 'discount' price he was expecting.

I've mentioned the past two years that I've had to take off my glasses to read, and to work on the computer. His answer? "I'm having trouble too, and the dr wants me to have the diabetic exam, so make me an appointment."

I did, and he not only had to have cateracts removed, the lens implants, and new glasses, but the insurance picked up most of the cost, and we only had to pay out of pocket $600. Not bad, considering each eye was around $2800!

And during his eye exam, I asked some questions of my own and was told that I needed to make an appointment. Hubby's response? "This summer, when I've got some good paychecks coming in."

Well guess what? It's August and finally my mother shelled out the $400 for my exam and new eyes. Now I sincerely hope my sunglasses will still fit when we head home later today!

My eyes hadn't changed much; my left eye was only slightly worse, but not enough to change the prescription. She did boost the bifocal a bit more, and what's really popping out at me are the colors! For two years, I've looked through yellow-tinted lenses (due to the coating peeling) and all of a sudden, it's like the Claritin commercial. Everything is clear again! Once again, I can read w/o having to remove my eyes, and I have no trouble seeing the computer screen!

The kids got new clothes; I got new eyes and earrings (mine are still in storage, so I purchased some gold hoops and a pair of black and silver dangly ones), and my father met us for dinner. A good day was had by all, and I think Grandma's worn out. We did not see Mama Mia, and the kids and I are heading home today. But first, I'm taking my pictures to be developed, so Grandma can have her copies of her smallest grandchildren at Holiday World, taken back in May.

I still can't comment on the blogs, except my own (go figure!), so when I get home, I'll read them all again. I still can't believe my kids go back to school next Tuesday. It's too damn early in the year!

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