Sunday, August 10, 2008

Go USA:)

Currently Reading: Still making my way through More Than Words. Kind of hard to read when we're getting ready for school to start in 2 days, plus coming home from our 'mini' vacation.

Stupid comment of the day: She's not won a gold medal of any color, has she?
-Olympic commentator James Andrew

Last night, I was rather anxious to see how our Men's Gymnastic team would hold up without the Hamm twins, and it was nice to see they are holding their own. Yes, there was a few errors, but so did the Chinese, Russians, and Japanese teams. Going into to the finals, USA made it by being ranked 6th. Definitely room for improvement!

And in swimming, Michael Phelps did not merely show up and nonchalantly win a gold...he shattered the World Record in his event, the 400 Individual Medley. Australia's Stephanie Rice blew everyone away when she smashed the World Record in her event, the 400 IM, causing USA's Katie Hoff to settle for the Bronze. And in the 400 Free relay, Team USA, anchored by Dara Torres (who happens to be the oldest female swimmer at 41!) came in 2nd for the Silver.

Tonight is the Women's Gymnastics and synchronized Diving.

One thing I forgot to mention: At the end of the opening ceremonies, NBC dedicated the show to Jim McKay, who died this past year, and whose voice will be missed by broadcasters everywhere.


Sandra Cox said...

Enjoyed the update on the Olympics, especially about Dara Torres.
Have a relaxing evening if possible:)

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Sandra:) After having two nights in a row where I didn't get to bed until 12:30, my body insisted on bed at 10pm last night! Thank god the gymnastics were over:)