Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Day of School!

Currently Reading: Finished MTW!!! Wow...I was totally surprised by the ending. Did not correctly guess a certain plot twist, and I apparently missed out on a couple of details. I'm going to have to go back and reread it. That's what happens when you read on the fly...Nope, not gonna tell you anymore about it. Go pick it up for yourselves! I'm also halfway through Marriage Plot. I think I know how this is going to play out, but Kelly's fooled me before, so I'm not sure. Now if Barb and Dakota's book would hurry up and get here...

Next E-book? One Touch Beyond anthology, from CP.

Ahhh, bliss! My teens are at school, the toddler is happily watching Dora the Explorer, and I'm ready to spend a couple of hours at my desk, with frequent breaks to check on said toddler, of course!

Olympic Update: The Men's Gymnastic team won the bronze (I didn't see it; it's still on the DVR. I sent everyone to bed at 10 am, including myself!); Michael Phelps won another gold (or two?); Natalie Coughman (I hope I'm spelling her name correctly!) also won gold; Beach Volleyball players Walsh and May-Treaner won game #103; the Men's Synchronized Divers didn't do so well. When I started watching, they were in contention for the silver; however, there were some problems and they landed in 5th place (I think??).

Promo News
Made my phone calls; I'm going to have to give up the Anderson Orchard venue. Why? For one, the booth fee is $100, and secondly, B&N in Evansville is having their huge Author Event that weekend. It's a no-brainer; spend $100 and travel two hours north, or simply drive an hour south and only pay for gas?

So right now, my 'tour' looks like this:
Aug 17th: State Fair
Aug 22-23: Eminence Fish Fry
Sept 5-7: Monrovia Festival
Sept 27: B&N
Oct 3: Blue Moon Art Gallery
Oct 11: Fall Festival

Still haven't heard from IPW, and found out I won't be able to do the Borders stores this weekend: K has his BSA Court of Honor this weekend instead of the 30th, which means I can't leave for the State Fair until Sunday!

Motivation's Back
Got my butt in gear last night and wrote the blurb and synopsis for my submission. I also got mad at the laptop. It wouldn't let me add to the document, so I had to write it out in longhand. Later today I'll plug in my flash drive and see if the desktop will let me continue, or if I've somehow managed to 'lock' my flash documents.

It's Here!
Kelly's book arrived! Now I get to find out about Caroline and Nicholas, as well as meeting Puck:) Who's Puck? According to one reviewer on Amazon, he nearly steals the spotlight from Kelly's main characters. Go over to her website and read her interview with him: He sounds like a lot of fun!


Phoenix said...

Very pleased to have surprised you and taken the twists in a new direction. Because I'm a pantser, if you know the ending before I do... in ANY book, then kudos. It always develops and then once it fits in and the story is over, I go back and solidify more of those tell-tale clues. ;)

Enjoy Marriage Plot!

Anny Cook said...

Nice when the kids go back to school, isn't it?

Unknown said...

My kids go back to school next Monday, on the 18th. DD#2 is dreading it. DS#3 hasn't said a word either way.

barbara huffert said...

No Molly, east. Head east. Not north. Not south. East.